CCMS FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


Quest. Number Question Answer
1 Is there communication with the customer to return the RAI? Is there something on the form which will tell them to return the form? Yes, there are instructions on the form.
2 When a provider needs to be fingerprinted we are required to mail them the DCFS confirmation screen printout.  Since we are not able to attach the DCFS confirmation screen to the ABC from if it is mailed/submitted through the system, we will have to print the form and mail a hard copy along with the confirmation screen. Yes, the ABC will need to be printed locally and the screen print attached.
3 A Glossary of CCMS terms would be good to have. Refer to the training materials.
4 Add/Update Provider Page: Does license information interface with DCFS? Will provider license capacity pre-populate with the correct number allowed for such provider from DCFS? License information does not interfaces with DCFS - it is manually recorded on the Add/Update Provider page by the caseworker.
5 After information is validated during scanning, can the information be changed later? For example, if K Mart is entered instead of Wal-Mart, can we correct it later? Yes, you can edit this information on pages in CCMS
6 After the client submits the application online or via email, how long before it displays as a validate document work item? 5-10 minutes.
7 Has it been worked out that all overpayment information will be sent to Customer Service in one file? Not yet. This is scheduled for the CCMS maintenance period.
8 Are shared sites going to be under one case ID number or two? Shared cases will have 1 case number, and the person creating the shared case will assign the case number.
9 Are the W9 request forms sent out automatically from the system when a provider? What about request for SSN or ID? The documents must be manually generated on Generate Documents page.
10 Are there data checks on the system (i.e. Street addresses, Towns,etc.), so that when running reports data is not skewed because of typo errors? CCMS interfaces with Finalist software and updates addresses to match postal codes if the address is close (example adding the last 4 numbers of the zip code).
11 Are we anticipating adding other forms other than the Application to on-line, such as COI's, Rede's? Not at this time.
12 Audit Work item only has 1 Work Flow Status. If I change the Assigned Org, is this what triggers a task? Yes, changing the assigned org field and clicking save triggers the task to the new organization.
13 Bar-coding how will it identify associated documents if it is not on all pages - only the last page? If the bar-coded page is not included, the document should be processed as a non-bar-coded document and manually associated with other documents.
14 Because much of the schedule information will now be available on CCMS, will users need to change what is now case noted, for example: Currently case noted in CCTS are the days and hours of care, SA, Ft, or PT, etc.)? BCCD may amend what is required when case noting. Look for additional communication from BCCD for direction on how case notes will change in CCMS in the future. Scheduling information will probably not be needed in case notes on CCMS.
15 Before go-live will there be a cut-off, so that there is no need for parallel processing for entry of cases that come in and are not part of the conversion? Agencies involved in the CCMS pilot will maintain dual systems during the pilot. No other agencies will be required to do so. This information will be covered in the Readiness Workshop.
16 Before go-live, can BCCD email the tasks that will not be marked as mandatory so we can decide if they should be enabled. Consult the training materials to see which tasks are mandatory and which can be customized at each location.
17 Box Tracking: How does the RR deal with the files? What is the role of the RR's for Box Tracking? The Box Tracking feature allows CCR&Rs/CCMS Sites to keep track of hard copies of case information after it has been scanned into the CCMS. CCAP Retention policies are under review.
18 Can a bar code be imprinted on multiple pages of a form? Depending on the form, 2D bar codes on any page. 1D is printed at the bottom of every page.
19 can a case note be entered by someone not on your team? Yes, any user with the proper security has the ability to create a case note for any case belonging to their organization.
20 Can a case worker assign themselves to a work item routed to a different team? No, only workers assigned to the routed team display in the Assigned Worker field.
21 Can a CCR&R check the status of a work item in another organization (BCCD)? Yes, this functionality is available in CCMS
22 Can a family still have 2 case numbers if they have both RPY and non-RPY cases? Yes, two CCMS cases may be set up to handle this situation. Currently clients can have a TANF case number and a CCTS case number. This process will also apply to TANF and CCMS cases. CCMS will allow the user to link the two cases when a client has an RPY case for which income level is not an eligibility factor and there is a co-payment exemption, and a separate case where these exemption do not apply.
23 Can a user have both CCMS and CCTS open simultaneously? The CCMS and CCTS require two different user IDs and passwords, so yes it is possible to open them simultaneously.
24 Can a user have CCMS open twice? The CCMS, like the CCTS, requires a user ID and password. Therefore, it is not designed to allow the same worker to log onto two systems.
25 Can an Appeal work item be re-activated if a no show then reschedules the hearing? Can other tasks do this? Work Items can be re-opened, tasks cannot.
26 Can BCCD confirm if they will be loading Task/Reminder information before go-live? BCCD will not load tasks or reminders. They are already on the system. Consult the training materials to see which tasks/reminders are included in the CCMS.
27 Can BCCD email guidance on what to do with IPACS screens after they are saved to a person's desktop? IPACS screens should be saved as PDFs, JPEGS or TIFF files and associated with each provider and/or client's case much in the same manner as hard copies are placed in client folders currently. See the Wizard "Convert a Word Document to PDF" for more detailed instructions. Once the screen has been saved as a PDF and uploaded into CCMS, the PDF can be deleted from your computer. Refer to the Upload Document found in the CCMS Help Wizards for best practices and naming standards when uploading documents or screens from other systems.
28 Can BCCD please share the procedure for when billing certificates are sent to the R&R - should they be scanned in? How are they paid? CCR&R agencies should scan in certificates and associate them with cases and/or provider files. Payment will be done as it is today in CCTS.
29 Can case notes be edited within 24 hours or just until a certain time the day of entry? Case notes can be edited by the user who entered them until midnight on the day they were entered.
30 Can CCR&R buy additional scanners if they have available funds?  If so, what is needed for software/licenses?  Can they use existing scanners?  Licensing? Contact Cindy Wall at BCCD if you wish to purchase additional scanners. Next, consult the vendor listed on the shipping receipt for your current scanner for software licenses. As for existing scanners, it is best to use the scanner that is recommended for the CCMS.
31 Can Change of Information for processing and change of provider be processed simultaneously with a Redetermination Work Item? Yes, a Change of Provider can be processed through both a COI and within the context of a Redetermination. Once an eligibility period has been selected or created, you can "Add, or Delete" a provider accordingly
32 Can clients and providers submit PDFs of documents like pay stubs, photo IDs and SSN cards? Can they be attached to the application when submitted on-line? Attachments can be added to e-mail submissions as PDF documents, but not on-line submissions. Instructions will be added to the on line submission option instructing applicants to send documents by e-mail, fax, mail or drop off.
33 Can I add case notes to a case belonging to another organization? No, you cannot update cases outside your organization unless you are a BCCD user.
34 Can payments be made for days provider has listed as off? The payment process will not change. The Holiday/Day Off section in the provider screens will not affect eligible days or payments.
35 Can Site Trainers receive copies of instructor training materials before go-live? Train the Trainer materials are available on the CCMS Training Web Site.
36 Can the Caseworker role be customized to accommodate certain update functions? Or is this an all or nothing capacity? The CCMS security grouping, much like that of the CCTS, is fixed. There is no ability to edit individual tasks.
37 Can the manager assign tasks to team members if they are not on a team associated with the work item. No the worker must be on the team selected in the Assigned Team field to display in the Assigned Worker Field
38 Can the scanners pick up cursive writing in CCMS? The scanner will be able to capture the image and store to Content Manager but it will not auto-fill the CCMS screens. The information will need to be typed into the eligibility/provider screens.
39 Can users generate a document for a case that doesn't belong to their team? Users can generate a document and update cases for all cases that belong to their organization.
40 Can users purge documents once they are generated and submitted? Yes, users can un-check the Mass Delivery box on the Generate Documents screen anytime before the nightly Mass Delivery Batch process runs.
41 Can validator overrule routing rules and reassign at validation? Yes, on the Validate Documents Page, the validator can select the team under the Previous/Next Work Item. This only reassigns the next Work Item task, not the entire work item
42 Can we have clarification around when to use part time or School days in the service authorization? For care less than 5 hours in a day, home providers get the part-time rate; centers get school age
43 Can we use old case numbers if a client reapplies? Would linking cases take care of this? Yes. Case numbers are unique to each case. Therefore once assigned, specific case numbers will remain affix to the case/family.
44 Can you add a rate on the service authorization page that is higher than a state rate? No, you will receive an error message. You cannot add rates higher than a state max rate.
45 Cancellation: How does the system account for 10 day cancellation notices? Is there a way for the cases to still be active if they have been cancelled for missing redetermination timeline in case the client submits the document after the date? The system provides the functionality for the case worker to cancel a case with a future effective date and generate 10 day cancellation notice. When a case is cancelled with a future cancellation date such as for missing redetermination deadline, the case will remain active in CCMS and will be updated to "canceled" by a nightly batch process on the cancellation effective date.
46 Cancellations and Closeout notices are they issued to both the client and provider? Yes
47 Case Maintenance: Is there a case maintenance task for providers that go over capacity. There is no case maintenance task, but this information can be viewed when adding information on the Service Authorization page.
48 Case Search: If a case matches a CDB case and it is highlighted/selected and you click the link to IPACS, will you be taken directly to this case? No, you are taken to the IPACS log on screen.
49 Caseload hyperlink: Will this page be updated with CCRR/Site information? Each agency should know their own caseload code. A full list of all caseload codes can be found in the CCTS Key In Manual and the IPACS Training Handbook.
50 CCR&Rs were lead to believe that the CCMS would reduce their processing time. Based on the UAT tester training, it appeared that the opposite is true. Directors will need additional staff. Electronic document management system require a little more upfront processing. However, the time saving does occur after the document is correctly scanned, indexed and routed.
51 CCTS has actions that require a supervisor's override.  What happens with those functions in CCMS?  Will everyone now be able to do those functions; will only CCMS managers be able to do those functions or; will CCMS not allow those functions?  Example:  If a 20 hour work schedule qualifies for 2 full time eligible days being enter for a day CCTS requires an override to approve more than calendar days. Workers can use the workflow status "App Requires Supervisor Over-ride".
52 Certified Status field: What is this field? This is from CARS on F12. Displays if their W9 is certified by comptrollers.
53 City of Chicago cases-will it show only active cases or also deactivated? Only active cases because the CCMS process is designed to check for duplicate cases.
54 Currently we receive 3 copies of the approval notice - 1 to client, 1 to provider - 1 to R&R…will R&R still receive this? The caseworker will generate the approval notice to client and provider. The notice will be saved in CCMS Content Manager and associated with the case.
55 Currently a staff member reviews applications to input provider information to determine the appropriate forms depending on the type of care - will she have to go through the applications on CCMS to do this? It depends partially on how the application is submitted. If on-line, e-mail or fax, the application will only be stored in CCMS unless you print it out. If received as a hard copy she could still review that to determine what needs to be sent. Since many forms will be sent through CCMS (and all will need to be added to CCMS), it might be a best practice to have her review on CCMS. CCMS will also identify the type of care and will generate the required forms.
56 Currently, we are sending out the pages of the application clients' missed application with the RAI. Should we continue to do this? Do clients have to continue to complete these pages of the application or will documentation suffice? The procedures/policy have not changed. Through an enhancement, staff will print the RAI and document to be sent and mail it locally. The enhancement will allow the RAI to be associated to the case even though it is not being batch generated.
57 Date stamping: should we date stamp mail at the end of the day if it has not been scanned? Yes, mail should be dated stamed on the day it is received. The Date Received field in CCMS can be edited to reflect the first business day after documentation is received after hours.
58 DCFS Search Number, needed for fingerprints, is this an option on the background check form that is mass mailed? Not for mass mailing. For providers who need finger printed, the form will need to be printed locally and the search number added for providers that require finger printing.
59 DHS Employee: Clarification of the DHS employee checkbox. Need to know what employees are considered DHS employees - only DHS or R&R/Site employees who are technically contractors. For clients that are DHS, CCR&R or Site employees. Only manager level accsss will be able to view/edit these cases to ensure that anyone who has access to the CCMS is restricted from entering or managing their own case or the case of a co-worker. The question for providers is to determine if they might also be employed as a personal assistant. If so, we need to make sure the schedules of the two jobs do not overlap (See Policy 05.01.01 D).
60 DHS Employee: Who/(Which security role) is allowed to process applications from a DHS employee? Anyone with manager or super user access will be able to view and edit these cases.
61 Do all duplicate cases need to be referred to BCCD or can CCR&Rs/Sites work with City of Chicago directly? Use the same process you use today when you find a duplicate case that involves the City of Chicago. If you create a Duplicate Case Work Item and send to BCCD, if BCCD determines that one of the cases should be closed they will send it back to the CCR&R/Site and the CCR&R/Site will close it.
62 Do all parties receive the same mail preference or is there a choice. Ex. KinderCare wants to receive email? Providers and clients can have notices sent to them in whichever method they prefer. E-mail agreement forms are required before switching from mail to e-mail and back again.
63 Do CCR&R's need to mail out the Appeal Withdraw or has it been discussed to provide BAH with Inquiry Access to CCMS? BAH will not have inquiry access to CCMS. If CCAP staff receive a withdraw form it should be scanned into CCMS and sent to BCCD as a Task. BCCD will then forward it to BAH outside of the CCMS Systems.
64 Do CCR&Rs still receive approval letters or should they receive notifications through CCMS? The caseworker who generates the approval notice will have the ability to view the approval notice in the CCMS. The notice will be saved with the CCMS case documents
65 Do default holidays appear in CCMS? If the providers work, will they update CCMS for the provider or CCTS? Default holidays will be loaded into the CCMS. However, R&R/Site staff will have the ability to manually change any dates that they are open.
66 Do overpayment referrals still need a supervisor sign off and, if so, how will CCMS accomplish this? Does the form need to be printed, signed then uploaded? Overpayment referrals should go through your supervisor as they do today. However, instead of the signature of the supervisor, a work item note will suffice. Then, you or your supervisor can send the overpayment referral to BCCD. You can refer to the "Process an Overpayment Work Item" in the CCMS Help Wizards.
67 Do scanners have dual side capabilities? Yes
68 Do Sites and CCR&Rs still need to manually date stamp documents before they are scanned? Yes
69 Do the background checks start before the letter is returned by the provider? No checks can start until the forms are returned, as it is today. Background Check procedures are not changing.
70 Does "CDB" need to be selected on Case Search in order for the CDB Case Number to appear in the Purple Header? "Before you are able to select the CDB checkbox to populate client information, you must link the CCMS and CDB case together in the Case Search page. Once these cases are linked, you can select the CDB checkbox, and information from the CDB will populate on the page and display in the purple header. Refer to the View or Update Parent/Guardian Information wizard for instructions on how to do this.
71 Does a Work Item have to be created to update information? You can update information in the system without a Work Item, but it is a best practice to only update information when in the context of a Work Item. This impacts what documents can be generated, and you can track an Assigned Worker on the Work Item Details page.
72 Does BCCD set the "# of Days Form Work Item Creation Date" or do managers? Both have the security to update this field. Refer to the Update Reminder Information Help Wizard.
73 Does CCMS capture or record the completed date for task ? Is this something that reports would provide? No, CCMS will not record completion dates for tasks either on the screen or by reports. Best practice would be to include in notes.
74 Does CCMS keep a record of the highest degree achieved so that it cross checks this eligibility criteria? This is recorded by the caseworker on the School Information page. There is no edit associated with this in CCMS, workers much check manually to ensure the activity is approvable.
75 Does COPA and CDB check for active cases? Yes
76 Does processing time start when BCCD assigns a work item to me OR when the client submitted it and it went to the BCCD "black hole"? Processing time begin when the Site/R&R receives the document. Eligibility start date policy remains the same: The date any IDHS office or contractor (including BCCD) receive it is compared to the signature date.
77 Does provider get notice of cancellation if the change of provider never happened? Users manually generate cancellation notices, so the provider only receives the notice if the caseworker generates it.
78 Does the client and provider e-mail address function have an unsubscribe feature? Changing the selection in the drop down menu from "Email" to "Mail" will change the way notices are sent. This can only be done if the client/provider has submitted an e-mail authorization form. An E-mail Authorization form must be completed by the client/provider to make the switch. If they want to revert back to mail, they must complete the form again to authorize the switch.
79 Does the client's language preference for documents override the provider's preference once the provider is associated with a case that has a different language preference? No, they receive the form according to their language preference. All forms will be generated in the language that is selected for that person (client or provider).
80 Does the DHS-BCCD want undeliverable mail? No. If a letter was sent out to the client through postal mail and it was unable to get delivered and it was sent back to the office, the worker will scan in the notice and envelope and can mark it as undeliverable mail. The worker should then attempt to contact the intended recipient to obtain the correct mailing address.
81 Does the system limit you on the tabs that can be added so that education and training tabs do not have to be deleted or over written - leaving a history of school enrollment? No, there is no limit.
82 Does the W9 Status update automatically once they become certified? No. It should be manually updated by the caseworker.
83 During conversion, will cases that have been around for the past 5 years appear that way or will all cases look brand new in the system? These cases are currently being converted from the CCTS to the CCMS. Past approval histories should be listed on the Eligibility Period screen.
84 For Provider closeout reason "Other" CCTS gives user option to explain - will this option be available in CCMS? Will have to use notes to do this in CCMS - however, this will not print on form.
85 For agencies concerned about compliance, when does the clock start - at documentation receipt or at validation? What if agencies do not validate documents on a daily basis? There have been no changes to policy/procedure. Processing time starts at the receipt date. Staff should still date stamp when received and, if it's not the same date as the scan date, the received date field on CCMS should be updated to the actual date received. If the item was dropped off or submitted on line/via e-mail after business hours, the date stamp field in CCMS may be edited to reflect the first business day after the after hours receipt date.
86 For agencies entrenched in processing - the dashboards provides all the information one needs on the status of work to be completed or for compliance. What additional purpose do the constant reminders serve? Can the reminders feature in any way be turned off? Reminders are generated for current and overdue tasks as well as other triggers in the CCMS system. Reminders are similar to those found in Outlook Express; however, the reminders in CCMS will not pop-up. To eliminate a reminder, please refer to the View and Dismiss Reminder Wizard.
87 For caseworkers needing to add additional days to a client's schedule - will an override by Supervisor or Manager still be required? No.
88 For First RAI Sent, will the text continue to be "Action Needed" in the Task Type column. No, currently the only informational tasks are for shared cases and batch tasks.
89 For new application routed to the wrong CCR&R, will this work item have to go through "Transfer Case" or which work item will it use? No, the organization that receives the Validate Document Work Item can reassign it to the correct organization on the Validate Documents page.
90 For new staff training - beyond the current training - will it be in a live environment, a simulated module, or mock environment? The current CCMS Training Environment should be available for on-going staff trainings.
91 For notices that have a return date (example 10 days to return an RAI) - how is the print center factored in? Currently the mail out time is over a few days. If the notice is sent in a batch the time frames the same as today. If it's printed locally or e-mailed, they should have more time since the provider/client would be getting the info sooner than through batches.
92 For the Appeal process now we get "Trip Sheets"(list of what is scheduled for a specific day), This lets us know that an appeal has been filed, scheduling the appointment three months out. Will this system let us know when an appointment has been scheduled? And will they show up as overdue as work items on CCMS? The Bureau of Administrative Hearings (BAH) receives the Notice of Appeal form from client and mails an appeal request confirmation letter with the date of the scheduled hearing to the client, BCCD and CCR&R/Site. BCCD will create an Appeal Work Item in CCMS to associate the Notice of Appeal. An "Appeal Created" task will be assigned to the agency in the Assigned Org field alerting them an Appeal Work Item has been created. The Notice of Appeal and trip sheet will be scanned into CCMS, and associate with the correct client or provider on the Validate Documents page by BCCD. To know when an appt is scheduled, a user would need to manually update the work item with this information. The work item will be overdue based on the rules set in the Manage Tasks page. Refer to the Process an Appeal Help Wizard.
93 For the Parent/Guardian Information Page will the system allow same sex two-parent household gender selection? Yes, you can have two parents active with the same gender.
94 For the Service Authorization, are the Weekly tab for approvals and the Monthly tab for Certificates? The weekly tab is what displays in approvals.
95 Front desk is validator/caseworker Can they generate documents when they are not on the team assigned to the case? Springfield keeps forms at the front and gives them to clients. They want to be able to continue to give them forms that would be bar-coded in CCMS. Yes, any user with the proper security has the ability to generate documents for any case belonging to their organization
96 Generate documents - Can some forms be printed locally so that attachments can be added, as opposed to batch mailing from Springfield? Yes, forms can be submitted and than reprinted locally. This way the form is also saved to the case record in CCMS. Note: The form will still be sent from Springfield as well unless the Mass Delivery box is unchecked before the Nightly Batch run.
97 Has the Data sub-committee (chaired by Kim Hunt) been consulted on CCMS/infoview? The committee was given an overview of CCMS. If the committee would like to give input they should coordinate with their IDHS support staff (Anne Wharff).
98 Has the log-in information for users been decided yet? Yes. The CCTS will continue to use RACF IDs and the CCMS/InfoView will be issued passwords.
99 History - what if you need to update previous approval after enter rede? This function is available through the Eligibility Periods page
100 It was mentioned on a call today that additional PCs may be available for CCR&Rs to use for provider trainings.  Can those PCs also be used in the lobby when trainings are not occurring, so clients can apply on-line? There are no additional PCs available.
101 How can you unlink cases? You cannot unlink cases once they are linked. Contact the CCMS Help Desk if cases need to be unlinked.
102 How do users know when there are several work item associated with a case, so as to work on all items to complete the case? Sometimes there are multiple items that come in that should be viewed and processed with a case - It is hard to know when just looking at numbers on the dash board without going into each item. this seems to very time consuming! When working on one work item for a case, the worker could search by the case # on the work item search to view all open work items.
103 How do we enter new school term? Is the school page updated or is a new one created? A new page should be entered so there is a full record of school activity.
104 How do we know which location the Customer Service Work Item originates from? Should they put their name and organization in the description field? It is suggested that the originating organization add a work item or case note and indicate their agency and name in the description field.
105 How do you re-send a form automatically without having to generate it again? (I.e. if a provider calls and says she didn't receive a specific form, is there a way to have the system re-send it automatically without having to generate the form again and without printing it and manually sending it?) All forms generated from CCMS have a "Save and Local Print" button. Clicking this button will save the form in Content Manager enabling the user to view the document from Document search screen. You can reprint the form or generate again. CCMS will not re-send it unless instructed to by the worker.
106 How early before go live will managers be able to review routing rules, reminders/alarms etc.? BCCD will start calling all CCMS Sites and CCR&Rs to review in February 2013.
107 How is background check requested for employers of license-exempt centers? In CCMS you can generate a background check form for any person added on the "household members page" or you can create a blank form on the generate from the documents page.
108 How long do documents remain in queue, once scanned before they need to be validated? After finishing scanning, documents will display in CCMS as a validate document work item in 5-10 minutes. It will stay a Validate Document Work Item until validated by a user.
109 How long will documents that are scanned will stay in the scanning software? Will they be there overnight or clear before morning? Yes, documents can remain in the scanning queue overnight. For Data Cap/scanner, the document will remain in queue indefinitely until someone validates it, there was an error, or an administrator removes it.
110 How long will scanned images stay in the scanning queue? Can there be one person who is scanning and one person who is validating on the scanning software? After finishing scanning, documents will display in CCMS as a validate document work item in 5-10 minutes. It will stay a Validate Document Work Item until validated by a user. Yes, there can be one person who is scanning and one person who is validating on the scanning software, as long as they are using two separate scanning stations.
111 How many CCR&Rs can be associated with a provider? No Limit.
112 How often/what time are batch e-mails sent to those who have requested e-mail notifications? E-mails and batch forms will be sent the night following CCMS generation/request.
113 How quickly will CCTS be updated when info is changed in CCMS?  Example:  When eligible days are added to CCMS, when will the payment be able to be entered in CCTS? As soon as the approval notice is generated, CCTS will be updated. CCTS and CCMS are a shared data base. Note: The approval notice must be saved to CCMS, but it does not need to be mailed in order for CCTS to be updated.
114 How should a provider sign the application if the parent submits it online without the provider signature on the application? Can an application submitted on line include attachments? Electronic signature procedures are being developed.
115 How should we handle a cancellation with a future date-ex. 10 days notification for a provider? The Eligibility Results screen has a "Cancel Effective Date" field which is enabled if the user is in a "Cancel" context. The case status remains as it was until the effective date. End dates on Case Info and Child Care Arrangement pages will be updated by CCMS. CCMS will update the eligible days in the last month to equal the number of days in the month before the effective date of cancelation. Workers can edit the eligible days to reflect the client's schedule for the last month of care. A new approval form will need to be generated in order to update CCTS.
116 How will agencies manage cases with a long history of documentation - for example what is suggested for older files that may need to be associated with the case once CCMS goes live? Agencies have the option to scan old file info into CCMS for cases that are on-going if they would like to. Otherwise they will have to maintain the hard copy file for old info and CCMS for current info. CCMS has a box tracker feature that will help with this. A Eligibility Periods page has also been added to the left navigation menu to search all past eligibility periods. BCCD is currently reviewing the Records Retention Policy and/or procedures. Any changes will be sent to all CCAP contractors.
117 How will applications with 2 providers be routed if provider is the 1st option on Manager order page? It will not get routed by provider, it will go to the next criteria on the Manager Order page.
118 How will caseworkers know what address indicator code to use on the Add/Update provider page, when creating multiple locations? The address indicator process has not changed.
119 How will CCMS change the fingerprinting process? Background check procedures are not changing. ABC forms should be scanned into CCMS and associated with the provider.
120 How will CCRRs get provider day off info? Can/should they get it from NACCRRAWare? There is no process at this time for CCAP. Information entered into this screen is for reference only. CCMS will not reduce eligible days based on holiday or day off information.
121 How will certificates be sent with CCMS? Through CCTS? Does the R&R have to request the batch to be sent? The process for mailing billing certificates will not change. A supplemental form can be issued locally via CCMS.
122 How will parents (both) sign on line application? An electronic signature process is being developed.
123 How will parents and providers be notified of new case numbers? It will appear on Certificate, Redeterminations, Approvals and all other forms generated.
124 How will PASDX (Social Sec verification) be accessible when using CCMS? (Currently accessing through CCTS.) It will be accessible through the IPACS tab.
125 How will provider capacity be determined? CCMS will calculate the number of children actively approved for the provider and compare with the capacity listed for the provider.
126 How will providers be associated with R&Rs at conversion? Look in CCTS on the Provider Document screen, whichever Caseload is there will be the one maintaining it
127 How will SAMS certification (related to provider certificates) be accessed when using CCMS? Info is currently available through CCTS. SAMS is access through the IPACS screens. The CCMS has an IPACS tab. CCMS will also have a Certified Status field.
128 How will staff process cases for clients that require more than 12 hours of care - where both full-time and part-time care is required, because of a parent's work schedule. Separate schedules will need to be entered on the Service Authorization page
129 How will workers be able to look up payment info in CCTS if all they have is the CCMS case number? The CCTS requires a RACF id. The CCMS requires a separate password. Any worker who uses both systems will need both a RACF id and a CCMS password. Keep in mind that data is being converted from the CCTS into the CCMS. This means that they will use the same case numbers. Both case numbers will be listed in the CCMS purple header.
130 How would provider certification show on CCMS? On the Add/Update Provider page there is a field called "provider status", the caseworker can change this to Approved.
131 How would users input overnight shifts? They can create 2 schedules by selecting the "Add Schedule" tab.
132 How would users view IPACS info, and how can it be added to CCMS?

These is a link to IPACS on the Links and Case Search page. Screen shots can be added as a PDF, TIFF, or JPG using the upload documents page. Refer to the Add or Update Parent/Guardian Information Help Wizard  

Refer to the Upload Document found in the CCMS Help Wizards for best practices and naming standards when uploading documents or screens from other systems.

133 I take it that the frequent down time of the CCMS during our training is only the result that it is still being worked on and not supposed to be operational yet and should not be considered a deficiency.  What concerns me greatly is that since this system will be available on the internet that it could with enough effort be hacked which could become a significant problem.  Additionally, depending on the service a person was using the response speed could vary significantly.  Also, could the site ever "crash" from receiving too much input? Like when some sites get overloaded with orders Correct, the training environment is not the same as the environment that will be used by staff. CCMS should operate with less problems as the training environment. Industry standards are being used to ensure the safety of information contained in CCMS. Standards for software and line speed will be provided to each agency so that the system will operate the best possible. Similar to CCTS, and all system, there is always the possibility of system crashes or needs to bring the system down for repairs or enhancements. Agencies will be notified when system outages occur.
134 If 2 documents are generated in the same day through the print center for the same client - will they be sent together? They will be sent separately unless printed locally and mailed by the worker.
135 If a background check form is returned for a member with a different last name, how will one identify which provider the background check form goes with? Does the background check form have a barcode or would you be able to search for individuals within the Provider tab? CCMS generated Background Check forms will have the provider's information at the bottom of the form.
136 If a client belongs to another organization - can a change of provider form be generated out of CCMS albeit blank? If a client belongs to another agency, this would be either a shared case, transfer case or duplicate case. There is a work item for each.
137 If a client has a name change, when looking up documents, will the system be able to search all documents? Is the system searching based on name or case number for documents? You cannot search for information in documents, instead on the document search page you can view all documents assigned to a case number.
138 If a client has a name change, when looking up documents, will the system be able to search all documents? Is the system searching based on name or case number for documents? You cannot search for information in documents, instead on the document search page you can view all documents assigned to a case number.
139 If a client has Spanish language selected, will the provider receive the form in Spanish also, or will they receive the form according to their language preference? They receive forms according to their language preference. When a Spanish form is generated, an English form is also generated and added to the case record but not sent out. The caseworker can print the English form and send it out manually.
140 If a client sends in a rede instead of an application (Ex 30 days past rede due), can it be entered into CCMS like a new application to hold the earliest possible start date? CCR&Rs/Sites can accept redeterminations after the 30 days; however, a new application work item will have to be created.
141 If a client submits an old version of an application or REDE form, should the R&R process it? Yes, if a client submits an older version of an application or redetermination you should process it. If there is information missing, send an RAI so the client submits the information you need to run eligibility.
142 If a document is "attached" to wrong Work Item/provider/case can you unattach it and move it to the correct case? No, so be very careful when you are associating documents.
143 If a provider has been approved and a new family member over the age of 13 is added, will the system still generate the background form to send out to the client. Yes, but this still must be submitted by the caseworker.
144 If a provider has cases from multiple CCR&Rs, when the provider submits paperwork, will it be routed to the appropriate CCR&R that is managing the provider? There's a field on the Provider screens on CCMS to mark which CCR&R is managing the provider.  If the form was generated by CCMS, it should route to the appropriate team.
145 If a provider is managed by 2 different R&Rs how is that recorded in CCMS? On the Add/Update Provider page in the R&R Maintaining Provider field. The New R&R adds themselves to this field and the other R&R displays in the "Other associated R&R" field.
146 If a work item is being worked on, but not assigned (let's say caseworker A forgot to do this , and caseworker B sees an open task and also begins to work on the task) - how can the system prevent multiple people working on a task? There is no current prevention.
147 If adding new schedule for new semester on a new tab in School Information, do you have to update the start and end dates for the old tab? There should be no need to update the start date unless there was a data entry or reporting error. The end date should reflect the last date of the grading period at each eligibility determination period. Add a new tab for each new grading period approved.
148 If an applicant attempts to have a provider for a time he/she is not licensed, will a warning pop-up generate? Yes, this pop up displays on the Child Care Arrangement page. Licensed providers cannot provide care outside of their licensed hours, even for a licensed exempt rate, per DCFS policy.
149 If an application comes in after 5:00 or on a weekend - what will the date received be on the Case Info page? If a form is dropped off, emailed or faxed after 5pm or on a weekend, scan date should display actual date/time the form went into CCMS. The Date Received can be edited to reflect the first business day after the after hours/week-end drop off.
150 If an e-mail agreement is used to communicate this option, how will clients and providers be notified? IDHS or CCR&R? HOW WILL EMAIL AGREEMENTS BE SENT OUT? The 3455 includes the e-mail option and Sites/R&Rs should alert parents of this option. Agencies should provide the authorization form to anyone who lists their e-mail address on the application or redetermination. IDHS is exploring mass mailing to all active clients and providers at a later date.
151 If care is provided in the child's home (766, and 767 type Care), and information on the Application is completed for members for the provider's household, will CCMS still generate the Background Check form? Yes, this form will pop up when you add a new member on the household members page.
152 If client sends in a change in 2/12 but the worker doesn't process until 4/12, can the past periods be updated? Procedure? Need to understand how to handle in CCMS. Yes, past approval periods will be updateable through the Eligibility Period page on the left navigation menu. This was added as part of the enhancements to CCMS. The new eligibility period should start the day after the old on. Example: End Date is May 31st. Rede form is returned on April 23rd. New eligibility period still starts on 6/1, but the new co-pay starts in May. A change in the monthly copayment shall be implemented on the first of the month following the month in which the change is reported and documented. Parents who report a decrease in income must provide written documentation to support the reduction in copayment.)
153 If county is not a required field on the application, will this impact routing from online submissions? Will these go to the "black hole" for the validate document tasks? The online app will be send to BCCD for reassignment to the correct organization.
154 If Email is sent in will there be a confirmation back to the sender that the email attachments have been "accepted"? Email is returned if the attachments are not in correct format. The sender does not receive a confirmation.
155 If email is undeliverable - will CCMS automatically default to U.S. Mail or will the caseworker have to manually change so that any documents sent are mailed. The caseworker would need to manually make the change. The CCMS would then re-generate the notice so that it is mailed. A new Email Authorization form is needed to change back to standard mail.
156 If entering a certificate and eligible days have to be adjusted (Spring Break) where do we have to go to change the eligible days to complete the payments, CCMS or CCTS? Cases will be moved over, so do you still update the case information in CCTS; can't change eligible dates without changing the case? update the eligible days in CCMS and generate a new approval letter. Once the approval is generated, CCTS will be updated with the new number of eligible days.
157 If for a handwritten application, what happens if CCMS cannot read a field. Does it do the best it can? Is there any indicator that fields may be inaccurate? Applications submitted online will be typed and information will transfer onto the CCMS case pages. If the Online Application is saved and emailed into CCMS, information will Default on the CCMS case pages. If an application is faxed or scanned in (or a handwritten application is emailed), information should be manually added to the CCMS case pages.
158 If I dismiss a reminder, does it disappear just from my page - or from the whole teams? The whole team's.
159 If I made a change now in CCMS, will CCTS reflect the Change? CCTS will be updated as soon as a new approval letter is generated from CCMS.
160 If I update the provider's rates, will this update the payments for the next month automatically for each client? It must be done manually. Case worker will update rates on the provider screen and will need to update rates on the Service Auth. Will need to generate new approval, which will copy new provider rates to CCMS. Each time you update rates, you will need to generate a new approval letters.
161 If mail/email preference is selected for a client, do all parties receive the notification in the same method or will it be distributed in different ways with multiple preferences Each provider and client will receive notifications based on their mail preference.
162 If rate is more than co-payment "one eligible day", does the CCMS automatically adjust? No. Workers will need to continue to council applicants on this issue.
163 If the child is a US citizen, do you have to provide an SSN? What about in the case of new borns that do not receive a SSN right away? SSN's are only required for the provider.
164 If the reason for childcare is TANF related, will a link to the client's RSP form appear? If the CCMS is "linked to a CDB case" on the case search page. On the RSP documents page, if there are any RSP documents for the CDB case it will display here and you can view it as a pdf. ACID Screen 6 should also be reviewed to verify that the RSP activity is still approved.
165 If the system sends a faxed document to the wrong CCR&R, how should the CCR&R proceed? Should the CCR&R validate the document and send the created work item to the correct organization? Yes, they can validate the document and send to the correct organization in the "Previous/Next Work Item section" of the Validate Documents page.
166 If two caseworkers attempt to assign a case to themselves on the work item details screen, what will happen if they attempt to do this at the same time? It will be assigned to whoever hits the button first.
167 In a two-parent family should the CCMS head of household be the case holder name on ACID or can it be the second parent? This can come into play if the ACID case holder is disabled from work and the other parent is working. The head of household can be the parent that is employed or going to school if the case holder on ACID is eligible due to a disability or other reason allowed through CCAP 2 parent household policy.
168 In CCMS are Appeals assigned based upon CCAP residence or FCRC BAH county of choice? Sometimes the agencies that the appeals are assigned to are not notified. - will BAH still send out the missed appointment or rescheduled appeal letters? The appeals are assigned to the local office closest to the client's address on record for connivance. BAH would continue to send out the missed appointment letters & to reschedule
169 In CCMS the providers' number format appears different than that of CCTS. Since Certificates payments are still processed in CCTS - will provider numbers added in CCMS have the same format in CCTS? There is no change to this process.
170 In CCTS you must log in every 30 days or your user id is inactive - will this be the same with CCMS? Yes.
171 In CCTS, a manager must override days greater than the calendar days - is this the same in CCMS? Do you need this still in CCTS for payments? Workers can use the workflow status "App Requires Supervisor Over-ride".
172 In CCTS, if the Rede is not returned by the 1st of the month of cancellation, and automatic cancellation is generated and sent to the client/provider. Will this be done in CCMS? Will a task be sent to the correct team? Yes. It will be sent to the team based on routing rules.
173 In CCTS, when max rates are updated only licensed exempt homes are updated to the new max rate automatically. Rate certifications forms have to be completed by the rest of the providers. According to design, CCMS works differently. Which way is correct? Policy has not changed for rate changes. Instructions will be issued with each change in rates as is currently the practice.
174 In Net.Learning - how can we learn the right answers for the test questions we might have gotten wrong? Refer to the training materials on the web.
175 In terms of changing, adding information the client omits, or corrections to documents submitted by clients - what is the protocol for editing or making changes during the validation process? The original documents will not be changed, Updated/corrected info will be entered into CCMS but the original form will be scanned and maintained as it was submitted. Keep in mind that there some sections of the 3455 are mandatory and the CCMS will not accepted it if these sections are blank. There is a document note feature included on the document search page that can be used by the validator. There are also several CCMS fields that are labeled as "reported" (as entered by the client) and "actual" (as entered by CCAP worker).
176 Inactive Parent, will they display on the Case Search page? No, inactive parents do not display on the case search page. They should be entered on the family information page, and they will display.
177 Info View gives users numerous options, now, will the existing weekly and monthly reports change as a result of CCMS? If so, which reports will change? See the Reports Cross Walk document in the CCMS training material. Payment reports will continue as they are currently.
178 Instructions for an overpayment state that BCCD will forward to Bureau of Investigations. Is that correct or should it be Collections? Policy/Proc 07.04.01 references Bureau of Collections
179 Is all non-contracted provider data in the CCMS? All of the data that was in CCTS will be converted to CCMS.
180 Is an assigned team and worker needed for a validation work item or do they just follow routing rules to the right team? If routed, can those fields be left blank? It is automatically routed, and these fields are not required, they can be left with the default values.
181 Is barcode placement finalized? Will there be a barcode on the front page for separation during scanning? Yes, the bar code placement is final. There will be a bar code on each system generated page.
182 IS DHS going to be using the new Provider number on the certificate? How will they entire their number in the payment system; how fast will this change occur? The Provider Number is listed on the certificates currently and will continue to be.
183 Is the "Notification of Cancellation" the same document as a "Notification of Provider Closeout"? Does that form generate automatically? Two separate forms and they each must be manually generated.
184 Is the Payment Preference field informational or is it linked to CARS and how the caseworker should record payment preference for the provider? Informational. If they want Direct Deposit or Debit Card payments they will still need to complete the proper paperwork and submit.
185 Is there a cancel effective date on cancel screens Yes. This was part of the enhancements. Refer to the Cancel a Case in the Future wizard.
186 Is there a limit to the number of tabs you can create for School/Work Information? Provider locations? There is no limit.
187 Is there a place where you put what age ranges the provider will accept (example: centers wont take under 6 weeks). Provider notes? Currently the best place is provider notes.
188 Is there a way to change a "completed" task back to "In Process" in case it is marked completed in error? No.
189 Is there a way to view a history of approvals, denials and cancelations similar to the CCTS F10 screen? You can view this on the Eligibility Period page.
190 Is there any information that is in three F12 Screens of CCTS that will not be carried over to CCMS? It is planned for everything to be converted from CCTS to CCMS.
191 Is there any length of time that a family will retain their case number after they are denied or canceled? Would be a help with late Rede/RAI submission. Case numbers are unique to each case/family, not each eligibility or application. Therefore once assigned, specific case numbers will remain affixed to the case.
192 My concern is that information will not get transferred to CCMS or will drop off the system and both appeals and overpayments often deal with old information. How is this saving of information going to work. In the process of converting the data from the CCTS to the CCMS, no data will be deleted.
193 On the notice of cancellation, only one reason can be selected from the dropdown and communicated to the client. This prevents full disclosure to the client and may prevent their right to appeal their eligibility denial. Is there a way to communicate these reasons to the client if they have more than one reason that they were denied? If a case has more than one ineligible reason, the user must submit multiple forms. Best practice would be to print locally and group all notices in one envelope to avoid confusion.
194 On the Parent/Guardian Information and the Provider Add/Update pages there is a field entitled DHS Employee. Is this field requesting the user identify "DHS state employees" in a literal sense as in Rose Harris or Michael Garner-Jones if applying for CCAP or providing care, or is it requesting users identify staff of contracted providers as in CCR&R or Site? For clients that are DHS, CCR&R or Site employees. Only manager level accsss will be able to view/edit these cases to ensure that anyone who has access to the CCMS is restricted from entering or managing their own case or the case of a co-worker. The question for providers is to determine if they might also be employed as a personal assistant. If so, we need to make sure the schedules of the two jobs do not overlap (See Policy 05.01.01 D).
195 On the Provider Add/Update pages there is a field entitled DHS Employee. Is this field referring to Personal Assistants for the Office of Rehabilitative Services, who often identify themselves as DHS employees, (because they receive payment from IDHS), and are also sometimes Child Care Providers? Relates to 3455 question on page 11 for the providers. To capture providers who may be employed by IDHS or or any other employer to review provider's work schedule for conflicts with care schedule.. See policy 05.01.01 Procedure D (rev 1/2013) for more details.
196 On the provider page, when you are associating another CCR&R in addition to the maintain provider who enters/removes those associated providers? Currently BCCD has to add this - and if they select a new organization in the R&R Maintaining provider on the Add/Update provider page, the current R&R moves to "Associated R&R"field. In order to record the original R&R as "Maintaining" you would repeat the process with the original R&R.
197 On the Service Authorization the categories for full day, part day, and School days are confusing in that school days only apply to centers. Only centers have a school age rates. The fields will remain blank for home providers, similar to how CCTS displays them now.
198 Once documents are generated from CCMS will it automatically recognize the document and follow the rules that are set-up? All generated documents should have the 1D bar code, which identified the form, page number, and version. The 2D bar code carries the client's name, case number, a document ID number, and other information used for routing the document and "following the rules." Not all forms will have the 2D bar code. Examples are Certificates, SAMERS, or Background Check forms.
199 Online submission: when should the provider sign or how do we verify that the provider has agreed to the information that the client is providing? Will phone call verification be sufficient? Electronic signature procedures are still being developed.
200 Original Document retention.  How long should originals be kept?  What is last date to ship files after one year past inactivity to DHS storage? The timing and methodology for sending files to storage has not changed. Agencies will still need to maintain paper files after CCMS goes live.
201 "Policy 05.03.01 has the following instructions How will CCMS change the fingerprinting process? Name NOT found (needs fingerprint) If a name is not found in the DCFS Database, that person must be fingerprinted. Print 2 copies of the confirmation screen. Attach one copy of the confirmation screen to the Authorization for Background Check form. Keep a copy for your records. Send the non-relative provider letter, the Authorization form, and the confirmation screen to the provider and/or household member for completion. The non-relative provider letter contains fingerprint instructions. Individuals have 21 business days to be fingerprinted. The case/provider may be approved pending results of the background checks if all other eligibility factors are met. If you do not have the fingerprint results within 30 days, close out the provider using reason code (new). Send the parent a Change of Provider form." ABC forms that need the screen print attached or that need the search number added will need to be printed locally at the CCR&R and mailed to the provider.
202 Policy around dates for closures automatic set by ccms/future dates. How are dates set for the notices? The number of eligible days for each month will be entered by the CCAP worker. The list of State Holidays that will be included as days off for all providers are 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Years Day and Memorial Day. This information is listed for informational purposes only and do not automatically reduce the number of eligible days.
203 Provider Closeout Form 4590 "Notice of Cancellation from a Case" , How is the process accomplished in CCMS? When Demonstrated during the training - a new approval form showing the new days and ending day of care was shown. This is not our internal process- We currently send a new approval to the new provider and a closeout to the old provider. A new approval form will need to be generated in order to update CCTS. By printing locally, the user will be able to send the needed forms to each individual as needed..
204 Provider Management: How will the provider know which CCR&R is managing them? Who should they contact to tell them to update their information if they manage multiple cases from multiple counties/CCR&Rs? Approval notices will continue to have the information for the CCR&R or Site that generates the form on the bottom.
205 Provider rates: If the state max is updated and the provider location rates increase, will this also be reflected on the case pages for the client's using this provider? Yes, on the Location Rates pages and on the Service Authorization page IF the state max matches the rate it will automatically update.
206 RAI Form, is the form interactive in the sense that it changes based on what you have selected? The RAI will be a dynamic variable length document based on the selected checkboxes. The COI will not be dynamic.
207 Request email from BCCD on how to record Split Shifts. Were advised in training to record this in the "Schedule Varies" box on the Work/School/or Child Care Arrangement page If the client works a split shift, e.g. from 8AM to 12PM and from 4PM to 8PM, this will be entered in CCMS as two separate schedules. In this instance, the user will enter one schedule from 8-12PM and second schedule from 4-8PM.
208 Right now the rate effective date defaults to the date the new rates are entered. Students say that on the rates certification form, an effective date is on the form and is often in the past. How should this be handled with CCMS? The state max rate will continue to be entered into CCTS. The R&R can update the actual rate for the provider and the effective date is the date that it is updated.
209 Seeing previous approval periods: when re-determining a case will we be able to see what the case was previously approved for? The worker will be able to access previous approval periods and see what the case was previously approved for through the new Eligibility Period screen.
210 Service Authorization Page when the warning indicates a provider is over capacity - what is the CCMS process for denying the provider or case? The worker will be able to go to the eligibility results page, click on the Override Eligibility button to make the case ineligible, select the appropriate reason for ineligibility and then click the deny/cancel button to deny or cancel the case. Refer to Determine Eligibility wizard for step by step instructions how to deny/cancel the case.
211 Should Date Received automatically populate on the Case Info page? It populates with the scan date if it is scanned in - does not populate for email, online submission it does not populate. The worker manually enter the date the document was received. Note: If the document is dropped off or submitted after business hours or on the weekend, the date received field can reflect the first business day after submission..
212 Should dates be managed in the system or will the dates be printed once it is scanned on the form? For incoming documents, the system will capture the date when a document was received in CCMS via scan, fax, or email. The system will also capture dates when an outgoing document was generated and printed. Forms and documentation are to continue to be date stamped. If an item is received after business hours the date stamp should reflect the next business day.
213 Should the caseworker send a new approvals document after setting the date for future cancellation to notify the provider of the new service authorization or will the notice of cancellation suffice? A new approval will need to be generated in CCMS in order for the eligible dates and days in CCTS to update. Only the cancelation notice needs to be sent. You can select Local Print for the approval and not mail it in order to avoid confusion.
214 Should the Child Care Arrangement section of the application populate into the Child Care Arrangement page? Yes, if this was included with the online application.
215 Should there be differing information between TANF case and CCMS case, which information should be used in each system? There has been no change to policy/procedures on this. If the information between TANF and CCMS is contradictory, use the information on the CCMS form and confirm with the client that the information they have provided is correct. If a client brings documentation that is more current that what is in IPACS, you may use the provided documentation. Be sure to scan the documentation into CCMS and add case notes.
216 Since the FEIN is not a mandatory field, what is the key element that allows a "maintaining" CCR&R agency, or "associated" agency to determine whether or not to add or update an existing shared provider? FEIN is a mandatory field depending on the type of provider selected in the "Provider Type" field.
217 Suggestion: Can you scan just the first four pages of the child care application. Must scan all pages of the application because the CCMS will need to read the bar codes for proper routing.
218 Task reminders - are they calendar or business days? Business days
219 The Change of Information Work Item - will this be used to process a Change of Provider? A Change of Provider can be processed through both a COI and within the context of a Redetermination. Once an eligibility period has been selected or created, you can "Add, or Delete" a provider accordingly
220 The current application does not have a field to select e-mail preference - how will clients know that this option is available? Will BCCD send a mass mailing with the authorization form? The current 3455 does include a space for clients to include their e-mail address. The client/provider must complete an E-mail Authorization form and submit to the CCR&R/Site to start getting e-mail notifications. IDHS may be sending forms to all active clients and providers at a later date. In the meantime, staff at CCR&Rs and Sites should provide a copy of the form to anyone who lists an e-mail address on the application/redetermination. If they want to revert back to mail, they must complete the form again to authorize the switch.
221 The existing historical list of Redeterminations in CCTS is helpful in to specialist - will CCMS provide a similar summary? Yes, it will be located in the Eligibility Period screen on the left navigation menu.
222 The income reporting page assumes the client is "under-reporting income", such that the actual is used in calculating client income. What are users to do in the case where the income verified on systems (i.e. PASDX, KIDS), is less than what the client is reporting? Our policy of using the "higher amount" reported by the client is counter intuitive. The "actual" field is designed to reflect both over and under reporting of income. The process for determining the correct income amount is not changing. Staff should continue to make these determination as they do in CCTS. Data on source screen (AWVS for Unemployment, PASDX for SSA/SSI, KIDS for Child Support) should represent the most accurate information.
223 The Info View report listing on page 3 reviewed during training described a report for parent sanctions - I was under the impression that parents were not sanctioned under current CCAP policy - will that change with CCMS? This policy is currently being developed. This feature will not be used until the policy has been developed and approved.
224 The Validator Scanning role appears to be important to the success of information entering CCMS. It might be likened to a data entry role - how do we think in terms of who is the best fit for this role? This is an agency questions, please confer with your immediate supervisor.
225 Users expressed concern that you must use the resolution 1024x768 to best use the system This is the minimum requirement, however you can change the resolution to a increased size. The reason you do not want to do 800x600 is that you lose the horizontal scroll bar.
226 W-9 require original signatures - can providers fax in signed forms? Yes.
227 We (IAFC) have a Provider Capacity Calculator available - will this be available in CCMS? No, but if information can be saved into a CCMS acceptable document (PDF/TIF/JPEG), it can be uploaded into CCMS. The CCMS cannot add a link to the IAFC Intranet to access this calculator. CCMS also checks for provider capacity and provides a pop up message.
228 We were told that we need Adobe to save and upload documents. We need a complete list of all software that is needed for this system. This list will be provided during system readiness activities.
229 What are the options for document status on the Document Search page? Pending, Processed, N/A
230 What are the steps for deleting a duplicate case if it is created inadvertently in CCMS? One option: You can change the case so no children are requesting care and re-run eligibility. You can also link the 2 cases.
231 What does selecting a parent as a DHS employee do in CCMS? Does it limit access to that case to manager security roles? Yes, only manager level access will be able to view/update. See "Create a Confidential Case" wizard.
232 What fields will be validated using the Scanning Software - does it change with every form? This information will be included in the Scanner Handbook and covered in the Scanning and Document Management Readiness Workshop.
233 What happens when scanners are not functioning or down, how will we handle work - manually? Review your warranty and contact the vendor for repair/replacement. Meanwhile, you can complete apps on-line or fax/e-mail information into the CCMS.
234 What happens when someone leaves an organization - how do you assign their work? You will send notification to BCCD to cancel all passwords for the departing employee. You may then add the new employee to an existing team.
235 What is the function or purpose of the "Apply to All Providers" on the Provider Holiday/Days off Page? And in what instances would users use it? If you click that box, every provider will have that day off. For example, if there was a snow day. Currently only BCCD security roles can edit this field. See the Add or Update Provider Holidays/Days Off Wizard.
236 What is the process of handling end of school term dates to the start of the next term? Should the end date of the school term be extended to the start date of the next term? Should a grace period be used? According to policy, grace periods for school are only available to clients who are attending college between semesters. Grace periods can be granted for 30 days after the end of a semester. If the start of the next semester is longer than 30 days, you can use the old case number and add a new eligibility period once the new semester begins.
237 What is the rule on when a redetermination is considered a late submission? Will the system send a notification tasks 30 days after the end date of eligibility? " CCMS will not send a notification 30 days after the last date of eligibility. Staff must determine if the information has been received within that time frame. Per 02.03.01 - Timely Submission of Redetermination Redetermination forms are mailed to the parent approximately 6 weeks prior to the eligibility expiration date. Parents must complete and return the Redetermination form and required eligibility documentation within ten (10) business days. The Redetermination form and eligibility documentation may be hand-delivered, mailed or faxed. Late Submission of Redetermination - Received within 30 days of cancellation If the Redetermination form is not received and entered into the CCTS by close of business on the last day of the month preceding the month that eligibility ends, the CCTS will automatically cancel the case giving a 30-day notice. Cancellation forms are automatically sent to the client, provider, and CCR&R. If the Redetermination form and documentation are received within 30 days of the effective date of cancellation, the parent may be eligible for continuous service provided all eligibility factors are met. Late Submission of Redetermination - Received later than 30 days of cancellation If the Redetermination form and documentation are received more than 30 days after the effective date of cancellation, date stamp the materials received and follow the procedures outlined in 02.02.01 - Establishing Eligibility. Acceptance of the redetermination form after the case has been closed longer than 30 days does not imply that eligibility is retroactive or continuous. This step merely eliminates the need for the parent to complete a new application. "
238 What is the specific task created for a Provider passing their License Expiration? There is not a current task for this information.
239 What is the standard for the imprint that will be added to the scanned form? Where will the imprint be located on the paper form? Basic information such as unique imprinter for each scan station ID, date, time and a running number. More information will be available in the scanner Handbook.
240 What is the undeliverable check? If a warrant or notice was sent out to the client through postal mail and it was unable to get delivered and it was sent back to the office, the worker will scan in the notice and envelope and can mark it as undeliverable mail then contact the person to obtain the correct mailing address.
241 What is the undeliverable mail button on the Validate Documents page? If a letter was sent out to the client through postal mail and it was unable to get delivered and it was sent back to the office, the worker will scan in the notice and envelope and can mark it as undeliverable mail then contact the person to obtain the correct mailing address.
242 What should be put in the Daily Rate? Is this the same information found on the Service Authorization/Provider Location Rate pages? Should discounts be reflected here or on the Service Authorization page? This field is for the daily rate recorded by the parent on the application. Discounted rates should be listed on the Service Authorization page of cases that are eligible for it.
243 What should CCR&Rs do if the scanning machine is not in operation? Call the service number to request repair. The fax, email, or upload documents option can be used.
244 What type of information should be included in the notes? certain information is available the pages in CCMS) The best practice is to use the case note feature to document any additional case information that corresponds to CCAP policies.
245 What will provider days off be used for? To report the days that the provider is closed. This info will be for reference only for staff determining the number of eligible days per month. It will not prevent days from being approved or paid.
246 What will the naming standard be for the "Name" field when creating a new scanning batch job? "More details will be given during upcoming scanner training sessions. Name each screen shot upload with the parent name, system check, and the date you generated the screen shots. All screen shots from the same system should be in a single file, so staff do not need to upload 8-10 documents per eligibility review. Even if a system check generates no data - for example if a parent does not receive child support, the screen should be captured and uploaded so we can verify the system check was completed. Naming Convention Examples: ChrisTokarski-IPACS-5.24.2012 DeborahLevi-KIDS-5.24.2012 Similarly you can refer to the Upload Document found in the CCMS Help Wizards for best practices and naming standards when uploading documents or screens from other systems. Currently the Scanning Job aid does not describe this step. Should be included when revised."
247 What will the options be for "Batch Class" in the scanning software - are these prefilled for each scanner? When should I select each one? This information will be included in the Scanner Handbook and covered in the Scanning and Document Management Readiness Workshop.
248 When a client reapplies, should they keep their existing case # or get a new case? Case numbers are unique to each case. Therefore once assigned, specific case numbers will remain affix to the case even if they have been inactive and are now re-applying..
249 When does the date stamp begin after a business has closed for the day? Will the date stamp start the next day the business opens? If the scanner is down, what would be the next scan date? If forms/documentation is received after business hours you may adjust the date stamp field in CCMS to reflect the first business day after it was received. If the scanner is down they would still date stamp and use that date to start the 10 days. The form/document can still be added to CCMS through e-mail or fax options until the scanner is functioning.
250 When doing a Provider Close out, will "Close Out All Children" only affect the children in the case that is in context or all children that provider is approved for? Yes, this will only impact children on the Case, not all children for the provider.
251 When searching for the provider using a number assuming it is a FEIN, and the number has been input in the SSN, will the system search on both fields or will it not find a match? No. FEINs must be entered into the FEIN search box for a match. You enter both number on the Add/Update Provider screen so that they can be cross checked.
252 When the CCMS generated Approval form prints - will it be single or double sized? Double sided, same as CCTS generates them currently.
253 When the Provider is Closeout is there a cancelled notice mail automatically? No, this document should be generated on the Generate Documents tab.
254 When we "Go Live" do we only accept the online questions or can we accept current application? What happens to the older applications? After go-live, we will accept both the online questions and the new application. Sites/R&Rs should be using the new application now. If old applications are received, the CCMS will not have the ability to capture any data. The old application will be treated as any other pdf. If there is information missing, send an RAI so the client submits the information you need to run eligibility.
255 When will the 10 day time start if a document is received by BCCD that needs to be assigned to another Site or CCR&R? The 10 day starts the moment that document is received by the correct Site or R&R. Start date policy remains the same. The date any IDHS office or contractor (including BCCD) receive it is compared to the signature date.
256 When will the online application be available to clients? The online application will be available on the first day of go-live.
257 When would you recommend users use the transfer feature? Example: today if a client moves they close the case and the client reapplies in the other county. Today could they just transfer this case? The system has the functionality to do a transfer, keep the same case #, and keep the case open. Please refer to the Transfer Case Job Aid.
258 Which number should caseworkers use if the daily rate field on the application contradicts what the provider charges in reality? If the Daily Rate field differs from what the provider typically charges, you should use the information found in the Daily Rate field. This number should be used to complete the Child Care Arrangement and Service Authorization pages. If the provider charges less than the state max, use the lower rate.
259 Which provider number will go out on certificates? The 15 digit number, same as currently
260 Which reports now generated through CCTS will be eliminated or changed with reporting capabilities in CCMS? Reports can be created on demand by each CCR&R/Site to pull real-time information from CCMS. Reports that will not be generated in CCMS or CCTS may have the information found in them in new reports or built into tasks and alerts. For a complete listing of reports and their parameters, please refer to the Reports Crosswalk Job Aid.
261 Why are tasks such as "1st RAI Sent" listed as "Action Needed" instead of "Informational"? Part of the Change Order Enhancements is to no longer display informational tasks such as when a CCMS generated form is sent.
262 Why is reason "other" needed for the second parent if they are working or going to school? "other" is a textbox and should only be needed if both the employment and education boxes are marked "no" so the worker can indicate the second parent's disability, military service, court order, etc.
263 Why is the service authorization page for weekly and monthly eligible days not consistent in highlighting the page you are working on - it is the reverse of all other tabs? Service authorization page including tabs for weekly and monthly eligible days is consistent with other screens throughout the system in highlighting pages and elements you are working on. The behavior observed by the user is a standard behavior for any web application using Flex. It is important to note that different types of page elements such as buttons, picklists, tabs, etc will have different default behavior. For example, when a button is selected, the button becomes depressed and darker. However, when a tab is selected, the tab is pulled in front of other tabs and it becomes lighter in color. For comparison, please refer to other pages that have internal tabs such as Parent/Guardian Info, Work Information, School Information, Family Information, etc. Tabs on all of these pages behave in the exact same way.
264 Why must we continue to use a manual date stamp? The manual stamp indicates when the document was received by each agency. The CCMS scanner has a date stamp that records the date the document was scanned. The received date in CCMS can be edited. If information is dropped off or submitted on line or by e-mail after business hours the date received field can indicate the first business day following the after ours drop off.
265 Will a confirmation/failure message be given when an email is received/not processed? These is no confirmation message. If the email is rejected, the correct team will receive a undeliverable email task.
266 Will a family keep the same case number if they are canceled then re-approved? This may be needed in cases of late rede/RAI submissions at least. Yes, the original case number should continue to be used.
267 Will a family keep the same case number if they transfer from one agency to another? Yes, the same case number will be kept.
268 Will active, pending, cancelled/denied cases be converted? For how long? Will active/pending/cancelled providers be converted? How will I know the CCTS case # once the case is converted to CCMS? Once the case is converted, in CCTS you can search by name for the CCTS case #. CCTS will have CCMS case number after conversion and users will be able to search for the cases in CCTS using either case name or CCMS case number
269 Will BCCD default the "Days Before" field that Managers can edit before it comes to the CCR&R? Both have the security to update this field.
270 Will BCCD develop standards for CCMS notes - such as: Provider Notes Page - General notes that affect the provider, not a particular case, Work Item Notes, or Case Notes? BCCD may amend what is required when case noting. Look for additional communication from BCCD for direction on how case notes will change in CCMS in the future. Until then, continue to follow case note standard used in CCTS.
271 Will BCCD provide standards around clarifying, editing or changing information on scanned items during the validation process? This information will be discussed during the Scanning and Document Management Readiness Workshop. The original documents will not be changed, Updated/corrected info will be entered into CCMS but the original form will be scanned and maintained as it was submitted. Keep in mind that there some sections of the 3455 are mandatory and the CCMS will not accepted it if these sections are blank. There is a document note feature included on the document search page that can be used by the validator
272 Will BCCD send new written document retention policy/procedures? BCCD is currently reviewing the Records Retention Policy and/or procedures. Any changes will be sent to all CCAP contractors.
273 Will BCCD still send all over payment letters of clients/providers or will they send the CCRR a task to generate them? BCCD Customer service will send the overpayment letters.
274 Will billing certificates be sent to the provider's mailing or payment address? (Add/Update Provider page) The process for mailing billing certificates will not change.
275 Will Case Maintenance Work Items begin any automatic cancellations/closures when the system generates it? The cancellation batch due to eligibility ending at the end of the month and the Cancellation due to age 13 will be converted to CCMS.
276 Will case/provider notes that are on existing CCTS cases be transferred to CCMS at conversion? Yes. All data that is currently in CCTS is being converted to CCMS.
277 Will caseworkers be able to re-open a completed work item? Yes, you can search for the Work Item on the Work Item Search page, and then on the Work Item Details page, change the status to In Progress.
278 Will caseworkers have the ability to approve Indiana providers? Yes
279 Will caseworkers now be able to add "C" address indicators for collaboration providers? Currently only BCCD can do this. If still a BCCD function, should the RRs send a task to BCCD when needed? There will be no C indicator in CCMS. Collaboration providers will be identified by the collaboration check box.
280 Will CCMS approval show in CCTS? No. All eligibility information will be in CCMS. CCTS will have payment information.
281 Will CCMS do any checks on SSNs and/or names to identify when a provider is a client or when a client is also a provider? The CCMS does perform a check on names and DOBs to identify when a provider is a client and when a client is a provider. This information is displayed in the purple header in case and provider context.
282 Will CCMS require a "C" indicator for cases marked as collaboration with more than 6 months eligibility? There is no C indicator, but it will require that Yes is selected on the case info page in the "Collaboration Case" field.
283 Will CCMS show history of when a parent or second parent was active or inactive - or will users have to case note this information? Yes. Past eligibility periods will be accessible in CCMS.
284 Will CCMS update eligible days in CCTS for certificates based on either the cancelation date or the provider close out date? No. Staff will need to calculate the new number of eligible days for the last month of care and enter into CCMS. An approval form will then need to be generated in order for CCTS to be updated. The new approval does not need to be sent to the client/provider to reduce confusion.
285 Will CCMS use the Provider Close Out form or the Cancellation of Payments form? It should depend on what they are doing. If the case is being canceled because they are no longer eligible, a cancelation from should be sent. If the provider is ending care but the case is still going to remain active with a new provider, it should be a close out. Not sure which CCMS is programmed to use when.
286 Will CCMS verify that the SSN matches the name or just that the number exists? Is this a CCMS function or does it import from IPACS? Both. CCMS will do automatic checks with the SSA database and send a task if the SSN doesn't match the name and/or DOB.
287 Will CCMS verify that the SSN matches the name or just that the number exists? Is this a CCMS function or does it import from IPACS? The process for verifying SSN remains the same - via IPACS.
288 Will clients and providers receive forms through the same distribution method, even if they have different mailing preferences? No, clients and providers will receive forms according to the mailing preference listed for each party A client can receive by mail while the provider receives through e-mail.
289 Will clients still receive the auto-cancellation form for pre-cancellation? Yes, this will still be generated by CCTS.
290 Will CNP/PNC still need to be searched in both CCTS and CCMS to verify? The CCMS does perform a check on names and DOBs to identify when a provider is a client and when a client is a provider. This information is displayed in the purple header in case and provider context.
291 Will current payment reports continue as they are currently or will they be moved to infoview?  Example:  Too many days entered through IVR. For now they will continue as they are.
292 Will DCFS background check results continue as they are now or will they come to CCRRs as a task through CCMS? The only background check tasks is when a client fails. If they pass it displays through a DCFS interface on the Household Members page.
293 Will E-mail Agreements be sent to all clients and providers near go live? If not, how will they be notified that e-mail notifications are an option? There is a box on the new 3455 form for clients to indicate their e-mail address. CCR&Rs and Sites should send E-mail agreements to anyone who lists an e-mail address on the 3455. IDHS is looking into sending a mass mailing in the future. The form is also needed to revert back from e-mail to mail.
294 Will emails to the client go out in the form of PDF? Yes. Notices will be attached to e-mails in PDF format.
295 Will hard copies of the completed background forms still be sent to the CCR&R in addition to the information found in the Household Members page on the Provider Tab? Background forms will continue to be sent back to the CCR&R while fingerprints will not, just as it is today. However, now the CCR&R/Site will scan in the background forms in a separate batch process.
296 Will issuing a COP/COI or Rede generate reminders? Yes, depending on how the agency structures their task/reminders on the Manage tasks page on the Administration tab.
297 Will local offices be able to view documents in the system (food stamps offices)? FCRC workers will have Inquiry Only into the CCMS and be able to view all related documents stored in the system.
298 Will locations have separate provider numbers or separate indicators? The CCMS does not change provider numbers or indicators.
299 Will policy rules on calculating the copayment for updates and next month effective date - will it update automatically or will this take place manually? The user would need to access the co-pay page after re-running eligibility on the updates and access the co-pay. CCMS will determine the amount.
300 Will previous case notes appear from CCTS into CCMS? Eligibility data from CCTS is being converted to CCMS.
301 Will provider rate automatically update when a child's age changes in the middle of the month? (Ex: child turns 2.) Yes
302 Will providers still have to complete a rate certification contract? What if their rates are being updated (maximum rate update)? Policy has not changed for rate changes. Instructions will be issued with each change in rates as is currently the practice.
303 Will providers still use their current IVR IDs for IVR payments or will they use their new provider number? They will continue to use the IVR ID they currently have.
304 Will rate certification forms still be used? The provider rate procedures are not changing.
305 Will rates auto update if at the current max when an increase goes into effect? CCMS will update exempt home providers to the new max rate. If a center or licensed home rates in CCMS are equal to our greater than the new maximum rate, CCMS will use the new max rate. When a provider increased their rates, they must complete a rate certification form and the new rates must be entered into CCMS.
306 Will reassigning a work item to another worker reset the day count towards overdue or upcoming tasks/work items? No, the day count does not reset.
307 Will Sites receive Redeterminations or will they go directly to the parent? If they go to the parent, will sites receive a copy? As of July 2012, all redeterminations will be sent directly to the client. Sites using CCMS will no longer receive mailed copies of the Redetermination Form, access to the form will now be through document search. For Sites not yet using CCMS, a manual reminder system is suggested.
308 Will sleep time care factors be calculated into the suggested care schedule? Only if the sleep time was recorded on the work or school information page. This is how hours display on the schedule tool page.
309 Will the bar codes on the forms have numbers underneath that would be identifiable, for example, two RAIs are sent out and the Eligibility Worker has to refer to one. Currently there are no numbers under a bar code
310 Will the batch tasks (example 5 or more active children on a case) keep being generated or only be generated twice Only generated once.
311 Will the CCMS Provider Number be listed on the billing certificate? If so, how will payment entry staff enter billing into CCTS without TIN? The provider number will continue to be printed on the Certificate.
312 Will the CCRR be able to send an email document if the client is requested a mailed document? If the client requests email on the Parent/Guardian Page, CCMS will email the document. Other mailing or emailing would be done manually through the print locally option.
313 Will the content of the RAI and COI change based on the information that is needed? The RAI will be a dynamic variable length document based on the selected checkboxes. The COI will not be dynamic.
314 Will the document scanning software let you know if you have reached the maximum pages that are able to be scanned in one batch or how many pages you have available? No, but the best practice is 50 pages or less.
315 Will the fax process be impacted by the large amount of faxes received by CCR&Rs? The e-mail option is preferred because of document quality. However, we do not believe the fax process will be adversely impacted by volume. Please immediately advise if this occurs.
316 Will the P2Hear screens be converted to the appeals information on CCMS? P-2 screens will not be on CCMS as they come from BOH.
317 Will the provider receive the fingerprint sheet to bring to the Background Check or will this only be sent to BioMetrics? Will it send forms for both DCFS and BioMetrics? Any ABC needing a DCFS search number or database screen print will need to be printed locally. Background check procedures have not changed.
318 Will the system allow users to search using the old IDHS or (CCTS) case number? You cannot search for this number in CCMS, but the CCMS case number is available in CCTS.
319 Will the system keep track of in-home providers' children and notify if they move over capacity? No, persons living with home providers will not be counted towards capacity. Home provider capacity will need to continue to be checked by workers.
320 will the system let you know when a case becomes/drops TANF status? Currently there is no report or tasks for this.
321 Will the system place a more rigid timeline on the Pre-Appeals Process? This timeline is set outside CCMS.
322 Will their be a need to use the old case number within other systems or will the CCMS number be present? The CCMS case number is for CCMS only. The DHS case number will still be used in ACID.
323 Will there be a forum for agencies to discuss and develop best practices in utilizing the system and structuring workflow and staff? Discussions were held at the 6/27 CCAP Coordinators Work Day. Further discussion will take place whenever CCAP staff meet. Please e-mail specific issues and/or questions to
324 Will there be a procedure for contacting BCCD when unidentified documents belonging to Sites or CCR&R agencies, that need to be assigned? When a R&R/Site search for unidentified documents and locates an item belonging to their location, they will send an e-mail to CCMS-INFO.
325 Will there be a warning if the service authorization is outside of the providers hours of operation? Yes, This message displays on the Child Care Arrangement page.
326 Will there be an edit/pop-up of staff try to enter a 4th grace period in a 12 month period? No edit or pop up will display.
327 Will there be any data checks in the system, similar to how there are data checks in NACCRAware? CCMS will provide some data check (address formatting, provider as client, client as provider) and staff will need to continue to do some data checks manually (IPACS, AWVS…)
328 Will there be any notification in the system that BCCD has distributed a case to the CCR&R from the "black hole" of files? Normal tasks will display on the correct team's dashboard depending on the type of document that was validated.
329 Will they still get a report or a task when an RPY goes off of TANF? How about if a non-TANF education cases starts to get TANF? No tasks or report.
330 Will user I.D. numbers have an address? Yes.
331 Will we always need a second schedule as a workaround for the system to process overnight schedules 12:01 --> etc.? If the client works a split shift, e.g. from 8AM to 12PM and from 4PM to 8PM, this will be entered in CCMS as two separate schedules. In this instance, the user will enter one schedule from 8-12PM and second schedule from 4-8PM.
332 Will we be able to access SAMS? If you currently access SAMS via the IPACS screen, this access will continue.
333 Will we be able to use the old numbers from a case when a customer reapplies? If a client who already has a case number in CCMS reapplies for child care, the worker will be able to find the old case number by using the Case Search screen and reuse this case to approve/deny new eligibility period.
334 Will we use the 15 digit Provider # for the IVR system? Yes.
335 Will you be able to approve a case for a Provider that has an expired license? Yes, this is functionally possible in CCMS
336 Will you be able to change the date that enters the system? For example, an online submission comes in after business hours, will this be marked for the next business day? The Date Received field in CCMS can be edited to reflect the first business day after documentation is received after hours.
337 With provider's who need to be fingerprinted, since CCMS will now be generating those forms we won't be able to include the required search number from the DCFS database. Is there a way to have a field to manually input the search number & have that search number printed on the background check form? (Currently, the fingerprinting facility will not fingerprint anyone who does not have that search number attached to their background check form.) Please select local print, type in search number, and attach form.
338 Would an address in the middle of Lake Michigan (2300 E Lake) be flagged? No you will not receive an error. Finalist only updates addresses which can be corrected. Addresses that are not found are not flagged to the user.
339 Would the CCR&R send the packet to BCCD for Overpayments? Would BCCD access through CCMS? The CCR&R can add documents to CCMS and BCCD can view.
340 You mentioned that CCMS has business rules built in - is there anywhere on the system or elsewhere those rules are identified or where we can get a copy of those rules or? These business rules are similar in scope to the business rules that are built into the CCTS. The best way to determine which can be edited is for your CCAP Manager to click on the Administration tab in CCMS and view the Access Rights.