Voloume VI, Issue VIII - March 2013

From: Theodora Binion, Director
Division of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse

Notification of FY 2013 Final Payment and Data Submission Date

This Smart Alert is your notification of the FY 2013 final submission due date for billing all DASA funded services.

We recommend that June and any prior month's earnings should be submitted as early as possible in July. This will allow time to correct any DARTS, or manual billing errors.

Final manual payment vouchers, and all DARTS services billing must be received, and approved as part of DHS DARTS accepted data processing no later than August 5, 2013.

Please share this notification with all applicable staff at your agency. If you have any questions, please contact the DASA Help Desk at dhs.dasahelp@illinois.gov.