Message to the Governor and Members of the General Assembly

The Executive Order creating the Human Services Commission gives it this responsibility: "recommend measures to ensure the sustainability of high quality human service delivery in the State of Illinois and make recommendations for achieving a system that will provide for the efficient and effective delivery of high quality human services."

Governor Quinn renewed the Human Services Commission for one-year term in 2012 with the charges to make recommendations for consideration by the Governor and the Legislature in the following areas:

  1. Budgeting for Results
  2. Rationalizing Service Delivery, including Children's Behavioral Health
  3. Rebalancing Long Term Care

To fulfill this responsibility, the Human Services Commission The Commission met four times in 2012 and organized into three working committee to gather information, consult with experts and develop recommendations.

We are pleased to submit a set of recommendations contained in this report to the Governor and members of the General Assembly. The Human Services Commission hopes that the recommendations in this report will be given serious consideration by the Governor and the General Assembly.

Human Services Commission

December 19, 2012