CILA 60D Post Payment Option

Department of Human Services
Division of Developmental Disabilities
Information Bulletin

CILA 60D Post Payment Option
July 1, 2014


This Information Bulletin is directed to providers of Program 60D Community Integrated Living Arrangement (CILA) services. Such agencies now have the option to "Opt-Out" of the Advance and Reconcile payment system for 60D CILA services. Some agencies believe that by choosing to "Opt-Out", an agency will reduce accounting costs and accounting errors now experienced with the Advance and Reconcile process.


The Advance and Reconcile payment option was developed for agencies as part of an agreement to convert grant funding to a fee-for-service payment mechanism. The purpose was to address concerns among CILA agencies about an interruption in cash-flow as a result of the conversion. Now that approximately eight years have passed since that conversion, some CILA agencies have voiced concerns that the Advance and Reconcile payment process necessitates an agency to conduct multiple accounting entries to post the advance payment, recoupment of the advance payment, and final payment for each CILA service for each person an agency serves. Some believe opting out of the Advance and Reconcile payment process will reduce accounting costs by eliminating the need for multiple accounting entries.

Process and Procedure

A recent programming change has created an option for agencies to "Opt-Out" of the CILA Advance and Reconcile payment cycle. An agency need only notify the Division of its interest to switch. There is no change in reporting CILA or any other services through ROCS.

If an agency chooses to switch from the Advance and Reconcile mechanism, it should send written notification to DHS/DDD, Bureau of Community Reimbursement, Attn: George Bengel, Manager, Waiver Rates Unit, IDHS Division of Developmental Disabilities, 600 E Ash Street, Building 400, 2nd Floor, Springfield, IL 62703 or via email at George.Bengel@Illinois.Gov. The agency's FEIN number should be included in the notice.

This is a voluntary option. Unless notified by an agency of the desire to switch, the Advance and Reconcile payment process will continue uninterrupted for the agency.

Effective Date

This option is available now to agencies upon request. This Information Bulletin will be effective immediately with the release of the final version.