Health Care Worker Registry Instruction Manual

  1. When to Submit the DSP Registry Packet

    • A DSP should be submitted to the Health Care Worker Registry when 120 hours of the DSP training program has been successfully completed.  The training program must be approved by the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS). The DSP Registry Form must be accurately completed and submitted online within 30 days of the program completion date.
    • DSP Registry Forms completed later than 30 days after successful completion of the DSP training will require a waiver letter from the IDHS in order to add the trainee's completed DSP training record to the Health Care Worker Registry.
    • For information on how to request a 30-day waiver letter, please see DSP Waiver for Delay in Meeting Training Requirements
  2. Completing the Direct Support Person Registry Form

    The Health Care Worker Registry Application Form (pdf) is the DSP Registry Form and must be completed for each DSP to add their DSP training record to the Health Care Worker Registry.  Follow the Markings Directions located on each Illinois Health Care Worker Registry Application Form.  All requested information MUST be given on this form, with the exceptions noted below: 

    • Signature:  The DSP's signature on the application certifies that the information provided is accurate and grants permission to the State of Illinois and any affiliate on behalf of the State of Illinois to place information from the form onto the Health Care Worker Registry.
    • Race: Check the box that identifies the Race of the DSP - OPTIONAL.
    • Sex: Check the box that identifies the Sex of the DSP - OPTIONAL.
    • Eye Color:  Check the box for the eye color of the DSP - OPTIONAL.
    • Name:  Print the last name, first name and the middle initial (if applicable) of the DSP. Please make sure the name used by the DSP here matches the ones used by the trainee to request an Illinois State Police fingerprint criminal background check.
    • Height:  Print the height of the DSP in feet and inches - OPTIONAL.
    • Date of Birth: Print the month, day and year the DSP was born.
    • Mailing Address:  Print the DSP's complete street address, (apartment number if applicable), city, state and 5-digit zip code where the DSP receives mail.
    • Social Security Number:  Print the DSP's Social Security Number.This number is used as the unique identifier for the Health Care Worker Registry. Please make sure the SSN is correct and matches the SSN used by the trainee to request an Illinois State Police fingerprint criminal background check.
    • Telephone Number:  Print the telephone number where the DSP can be reached during the day.
    • Four-Digit Program Code: Print the agency's four-digit program code.If you do not know this code, call (217) 782-9438.
    • Program Completion Date:  Write in the date that the DSP successfully completed the 120 hours of DSP training.
  3. Submitting the DSP Registry Form Online

    All provider agencies with DHS-approved DSP training programs are responsible for submitting the online Health Care Worker Registry Application Form for only the DSPs they employ upon their completion of the entire DSP training program (classroom and OJTs) regardless where the classoom training was completed whether outsourced to another agency or an approved online program.

    The DSP Training Registry system is for agencies to report the completion of DSP training to Southern Illinois University for uploading to the Illinois Health Care Worker Registry.

    Request for login credentials:  If you do not have your SIU login credentials, please call (618) 453-1962 or email to request your login.

    Inquiry by Mail, Telephone, Fax, or Email:

    Southern Illinois University (SIU)
    Illinois Nurse Assistant/Aide Training
    Competency Evaluation Program
    DSP Training Project, Mail Code 4340
    Carbondale, IL 62901
    Phone: (618) 453-1962
    Fax: (618) 453-4300

    Please Note: Southern Illinois University does not process reimbursements. If you have specific questions regarding reimbursement, please call (217) 557-7673.

  4. Health Care Worker Registry Follow-Up Check

    After submitting an online DSP Training Registry form to Southern Illinois University, allow three (3) working days for processing, and then check the Health Care Worker Registry to ensure that the DSP's name appears on the Registry with the designation "DD Aide" under Programs. This can be done on the Illinois Department of Public Health web site or by calling the Illinois Department of Public Health's Nurse Aide Registry toll-free number 1-844-789-3676 (TTY: 1-800-547-0466).

    Note: Section 350.683 c. of the Illinois Administrative Code requires that an individual shall notify the Nurse Aide Registry of any change of address or name within 30 days and shall submit proof of any name change to the Department of Public Health. (Section 3-206.01 of the Act)

  5. Criminal Background Checks and Enrollment in the Department of Public Health (IDPH) Web Portal

    All new hires must have fingerprint criminal background checks once IDPH authorizes Provider access to the IDPH Web Portal. All Providers are required by the Health Care Worker Background Check Act to immediately request access to the IDPH Web Portal.  For more details see the Criminal Background Checks information how the fingerprint criminal background checks are collected through IDPH-approved livescan vendors with the results reported electronically to the HCWR.

  6. Staff Training Billing and Reimbursement Process

    Requests for reimbursement should be mailed to the following address:

    Illinois Department of Human Services
    Division of Developmental Disabilities
    Attention:  Bureau of Community Reimbursement Unit
    600 East Ash, Building 400, Mailstop 2 South
    Springfield, IL 62703
    For more detailed information, please see the Staff Training Billing and Reimbursement Process Bulletin for billing and payment of staff training.