Questions & Answers for the EBTI RSP - 12/12/12

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Evidence Based Treatment Initiative - Cohort VII

Information Call- In

December 12, 2012

10 A.M.

A question and answer session was held to allow community providers to learn more about Evidence Training Initiative Training - Cohort VII and the requirements to respond to the Request for Service Plan(RSP)

This is a summary of the questions asked.

  1. What kind of video camera is needed to submit recordings of sessions?
    Answer:  Due to confidential nature of the recording, we are requesting that the videos be sent to the Consultants in the form of a DVD that will either be destroyed by them or returned to you for destruction. There is an additional $150 in the budget to allow for the purchasing of a video camera if needed. Please specify in your application budget that this is where you are utilizing the funding.
  2. Can a MHP working on Masters participate in Training?
    Answer: Yes - MHPs will be allowed as line staff.
  3. If an agency has participated in other trainings, can they send new staff?
    Answer:  Yes- if the agency is chosen as a fundable RSP. The narrative portion of the service plan will require a specific about how previous training is being sustained and impact it has had on your outcomes.
  4. How many agencies will be selected from each region?
    Answer:  We will choose the two highest scoring service plans from each region. If there is no fundable service plans from a specific region, then the next highest overall service plan(s) will be funded.
  5. Is it a requirement to attend all 8 in person training sessions?
    Answer: Yes! Yes! Yes!
  6. Tools used?
    Answer:  Ohio Scales, Columbia Impairment Scale - Parent and Youth when appropriate and the Devereux Early Childhood Assessment (DECA), as well as the Practicewise Data base
  7. If service is delivered outside the office (home, school), can a paper version of the tools be used and later entered into the database for evaluation?
    Answer: Yes.
  8. The budget for region 2, 3, 4 & 5 does not add up to $10,500?
    Answer:  Yes - that is true. Use it wisely, especially if you need to purchase a video camera and DVD's.
  9. Where is the RSP found on the DHS website?
    Go to the DHS website and look under:Grants, RSP
    Click on:  RSP
    Evidence Based Training Initiative is at the bottom.
  10. Can paper version of a tool be submitted?
    Answer: Yes - Data may be submitted on line or paper versions faxed to the evaluator.
  11. Will CEUs be provided?
    Answer:Yes - CEUs will be provided by Illinois State University, after data is submitted to the evaluator
  12. Reference to 5 goals page 5- Unclear what they are?
    Answer:  Oversight on our part - we meant the next 5 areas on page 6:
    Agency Readiness for Evidence Based Practice Implementation
    Interest in Evidence Based Treatment
    Dedicated Staff
    Professional Development and Technical Support
  13. Must the supervisor coming to the training be the supervisor of the line staff in the training?
    Answer:Yes- And the supervisor is expected to carry 4 cases through out the training.