Cancel a Case in the Future

Use this wizard to cancel an approved case in the future. Using this feature will allow you to provide 10 days notification to providers. To set a date for a case to be cancelled you must first be in the context of a work item (with the exception of an Application Work Item). All work items can be created manually by users.

Important! This process should be followed only if a case is deemed ineligible after clicking [Run Eligibility] on the Eligibility Results page. You must be in the context of an Application, Change of Information, or Redetermination Work Item to perform this process.

Future Cancellation of a Case - Process Steps:

  1. On the Eligibility Results page, scroll to the bottom.
  2. At the bottom, note the Cancel Effective Date field and the [Cancel] button.
  3. Click the Calendar icon.
  4. Select the date you wish to have the case cancelled in the future.
  5. Once you have selected the appropriate date, click the [Cancel] button. The below Info message displays.
  6. Click [OK] to dismiss the Info pop-up shown above. The below Result message displays.
  7. After completing the result pop-up, click [OK] on the Result pop-up that informs you your case has been cancelled successfully.
  8. Your case has been cancelled. Note the eligibility end date for the case is updated to the date entered into the Cancel Effective Date field.
    • Remember! The Case Status will still be Approved once you finish setting the date to cancel the case in the future. Only when it becomes the cancellation date will the case switch to Cancelled status.
  9. Proceed to the Service Authorization page to update the amount of days child care is approved in the cancellation month. Remember! Once you cancel a case, the end dates of eligibility will be updated to match the cancellation date entered.
    • After completing these steps in the Case tab, you should proceed to the Documents tab and use the Generate Documents page to generate out documents needed to notify clients and providers of the impending cancellation.
    • Refer to the Generate and Print a Document wizard to learn how to generate documents to send to your clients and providers.

Results of the Procedure:

The case is set to be cancelled in the future on the effective cancellation date.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Once I schedule the cancellation, can I change it?
    1. Yes, however only approved cases can be edited. If a date needs to be edited after you have scheduled a cancellation and set a future date, complete the following steps to edit the case:
      1. Change the case circumstances to make the case eligible
      2. Re-run eligibility and click [Approve]
      3. Edit the case circumstances to make the case ineligible
      4. Re-run eligibility and select the correct cancellation date
      5. Click [Cancel].
  2. Which documents should I generate and when once I set a case to be cancelled in the future?
    1. When you cancel a case, you should generate a "Notice of Cancellation" that will be sent to both the client and provider.