Stop Mass Delivered Mail

In CCMS, you have the ability to stop generated documents from being distributed to clients and providers after you have created them. To do this, you must cancel the document on the day you generated it, before the batch process takes place (this process is scheduled for 7PM CST). Documents should be cancelled if there is an error or duplicated documents (especially those with contradictory information) are scheduled to be sent to a client or provider. One example of when it is helpful to stop a mass delivered document is if you generate an Approval of Request for Child Care Payments notice, make a change to a case, and need to generate an updated Approval of Request for Child Care Payments notice. You should stop the original notice from mass delivery, so the client/provider only receive the updated notice.

Stop Mass Delivered Documents - Process Steps:

  1. On the Generate Documents page, select the Document Type drop-down.
  2. Select the type of document that you will be canceling.
    Remember! The context you are in determines which documents you are able to see. You may need to create a work item or enter the context of a case or provider to be able to view the type of document you wish to cancel.
  3. Click [Search].
  4. A list of all the generated documents of the document type you have selected will populate, with the most recent at the top. This list includes documents that were generated by all users in CCMS (not just you or users at your CCR&R/Site).
  5. To find the document you wish to cancel, select the blue hyperlink in the Document Type column to view the documents created.
  6. Once you have found the document you would like to stop, review the Delivery Status column. If the status is Delivered, this means the document cannot be stopped. If the status is Pending, the document can be canceled.
  7. If the status is pending, in the Mass Deliver? column, uncheck the checkbox in the row of the document you would like to stop.
  8. The Save button is activated. Click [Save] to cancel the document.
  9. Once you click [Save], the Delivery Status column updates to Cancelled for the document you have chosen to stop.
    Undo Cancellation of Document Mass Delivery: To reschedule a document that you have previously stopped from sending, reselect the checkbox in the Mass Deliver? column and click the [Save] button.

Results of the Procedure:

The document is cancelled and is not mass delivered to the client or provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. If I decide to reschedule a document for mass delivery, can I redo this at any point in the future or just until the next batch runs?
    1. You can reschedule to send a document at any time after it has been canceled. You can also continue to stop any document that has been rescheduled until it has been collected by the batch process.
  2. When I search for the document type as I look to cancel a document, whose documents are appearing?
    1. When you search for a document to cancel, you will see the documents that have been generated by users across the state. Please be careful to select your document when stopping a generated document.