Volume VI, Issue IV - September 2012

From: Theodora Binion, Director
Division of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse

Performance Based Contracting

DASA will finalize FY 2012 DARTS data on September 30, 2012.

This allows your organization 90 days after the end of the fiscal year to provide services to clients and enter the service billing information in DARTS.

Please notice that some of the measures in the year-end report will be based on service data that is entered 90 days following the end of the fiscal year. Therefore, it is important to enter your organization's data so that it is included in the analysis.

Also, as an important reminder, it is necessary to close out any inactive cases and enter the associated NOMS data requested at the time of discharge.

Any DARTS data changes or submissions submitted after September 30, 2012 will not be reflected in DASA's Performance Management Reports for FY 2012.

If you have any questions regarding the submission of DARTS data, please contact the DASA Help Desk at DHS.DASAHELP@ILLINOIS.GOV.