Redetermination Job Aid

Checklist to Perform a Redetermination

Redeterminations occur in CCMS at the end of an approved case's eligibility date.  CCMS begins the redetermination by mass mailing the redetermination form to the client. Caseworkers can then follow these steps to complete a redetermination:

Step 1: Receive a "Rede Sent" Task

On the first Friday of the month prior to the end date of eligibility, the redetermination form is generated and sent to the client by either mail or email based on preference. A "Rede Sent" task is created and assigned to the correct team according to routing rules, alerting the team the client was sent the Redetermination form. This task appears to all workers on the team and is informational only

Caseworkers can print the Redetermination form in CCMS two months prior and one month after the end date of case eligibility.

Step 2: Client Returns the Rede Form

The client has 10 business days to return the Redetermination form. After the client returns the form, a "Process Rede" task is created and appears to all members of the correct team according to routing rules. On the Work Item Details page, select the caseworker's name in the Assigned Worker field to assign the redetermination to a worker. Review the redetermination form and update any information within the Case tab. For any questions relating to updating the information, refer to the Processing a Child Care Application Job Aid. The caseworker has 10 business days to process the redetermination.

Step 3: Send an Request for Additional Information

If the client did not send in all requested information, generate a Request for Additional Information form and send to the client. A "1st RAI Sent" task appears to all team members. The client has 10 business days to reply with the requested information.

Step 4: Determine and Confirm Eligibility According to Updated Information

If the RAI is returned, a "1st RAI Received" task appears to all team members. Update the case according to additional information, and run eligibility on the Eligibility Results page. If the redetermination is approved, update the service authorization. If the Redetermination form is not returned within 10 business days, the caseworker can re-run and confirm eligibility to cancel the case according to the eligibility end date.

The last step is to generate an approval or cancellation notice for the client and provider.

Example Redetermination Diagram: Last Day of Eligibility for the Case is Dec. 31st

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question: If a client returns the redetermination from after the eligibility end date, can I still process the redetermination form?
    Answer: If the case has been cancelled due to lack of response, you can reopen the case up to month after the end eligibility date. After one month, the client should complete a new application to reopen the case.
  2. Question: How do I monitor what cases have upcoming redeterminations?
    Answer: Caseworkers can access Infoview to create an Eligibility End Date Report to view a list of upcoming redeterminations.