Illinois' CRV System Recognized by National Organization

From the National Council of Non-profits

Government-Nonprofit Contracting: Illinois Takes Two Steps Forward

Charitable nonprofits contracting with the State of Illinois may soon see improvement in two of the five problem areas identified in landmark 2010 research: late payments and needlessly complex bidding burdens. Earlier this month, Illinois Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka confirmed that smaller nonprofits that serve the elderly, disabled, and low-income individuals on behalf of the state will be put at the head of the payment queue because "They take care of the neediest of the needy," and observing that if "they close, where are folks going to go?" In July, Illinois launched the Centralized Repository Vault, designed to eliminate duplication and confusion in the bidding process by enabling nonprofits to download standard documents, such as Form 990s and list of board members, for access by the state's five human service agencies. It is expected to promote more efficient monitoring and auditing, while allowing service providers "to reinvest the dollars saved from reduced administrative costs into programs, leading to an increased level of service to the community." Connecticut also launched a document vault in July.

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