Create a New Provider Record in CCMS

  • Step 1: Receive an Application for Child Care or Request for provider change
    When a client requests child care determine if the provider is in CCMS. If not, a new provider must be created. Select Provider tab on the Dashboard page.
  • Step 2: Conduct a Provider Search
    Review the application or 3455G Request for a Child Care Provider Change form and select the Provider Search page from the Left Navigation menu to perform a search to determine if the provider is in CCMS. After the search is completed, click [Add ]. The Add/Update Provider page displays.
    Important! If the provider information was recorded on the application, the provider information from that document will be populated on provider pages in CCMS.
  • Step 3: Record Provider Demographic Information
    On the Add/Update Provider page, record provider demographic information. Click on the Add Location tab to add a second location when appropriate. If the provider has more than one location, be sure to record an Address Indicator.
    Note: After you click [Save], the provider information displays in the Purple Header, and is not available on the Child Care Arrangement page in Provider Search results.
  • Step 4: Document the Members of the Provider's Household
    Record each household member's information on the Household Members page and save the information. All persons living in the provider's home must be listed on the record. A Background check form displays in a new window after all members have been added. After the checks are completed, the pass/fail status and date display in the Background Check section of the page.
  • Step 5: Record Provider Location Rates
    Complete the Provider Location Rates page to record the provider's daily rates for each type of care. The State of Illinois maximums for each care group will display. The rates will display for all types of care for which the provider is approved display in the Max field. Record the rates charged by the provider in the Actual field. Rates higher than the state maximums will not be accepted. These rates default to the Service Authorization page when a new care schedule is created for a child and the provider.
  • Step 6: Record the Provider's Holidays/Days Off
    On the Holidays/Days Off page click [Add] to record holidays and other days the provider will not be providing care. A list of available holidays will display whether the provider will be closed or not. To add days other than listed holidays, enter the information in the Additional Days off fields.
  • Step 7: Record any Necessary Provider Notes
    Record provider notes on the actions you have performed. Provider notes can be used to document any necessary information related to the creation of the provider or provider changes.

Congratulations! You have successfully created a new Child Care Provider record in CCMS!

Remember! The Provider has been created in CCMS and can be approved to provide care. However, if all forms are not returned or if the background checks are returned with negative information, the provider should not be allowed to provide care.