Upload a Document to CCMS

In order to upload a document, it is a best practice to first be in the context of a case, provider, or Work Item. Only documents in the following formats can be uploaded to CCMS: Portable Document format [PDF], Joint Photographic Experts Group [JPEG], or Tagged Image File Format [TIFF] format. Unlike documents added to CCMS through email, scan, fax or online submission, upload documents are not routed to a document validator, and do not trigger the creation of tasks or work items. Documents added using the Upload Documents page are added to the case, Work Item, or provider record and can be viewed by performing a document search on the Document Search page.

Click on the Documents tab. From the Left Navigation menu, select Upload Documents. The Upload Documents page displays.

Upload a Document Into CCMS - Process Steps:

  1. Navigate to the Upload Documents page and scroll to the first section of the page.
  2. The Source field defaults to Upload and cannot be edited.
  3. If you are in the context of a Work Item, the Work Item ID defaults to the Work Item ID field. You can also use the magnifying glass icon next to the Work Item ID field to search for the Work Item to associate the document to.
  4. Complete the following optional fields:
    • Next to the Provider # and Case # field there is a icon. Click on the icon to access a search page to search for the correct case or provider to associate to the document.
    • Record the Recipient Identification Number (RIN) of the client or provider to associate the document to.
    • Record the First and Last Name of the client to associate the document to.
    • Of the Select the County from the county drop-down list to associate the document to.
  5. Scroll to the second section of the page.
  6. Up to four documents can be added at one time on the Upload Documents page
  7. Click [Browse] next to the Choose Document field.
  8. Select the correct document type for the document being uploaded in the Document Type drop-down list.
  9. Repeat steps 7-8 as many times as needed.
  10. Click [Upload]
  11. A message displays alerting you the documents were uploaded successfully.

    It is important to note that the purpose of the upload documents feature is so screen shots from other systems (ACID, AWVS, KIDS, etc) can be uploaded into CCMS for viewing by users.

    Best Practice!
    It is recommended by BCCD that for easy viewing of accompanying screen shots from other systems, you follow the best practices below:
    1. Save all related documents into one document (i.e. All ACID screen shots are saved into one document, all AWVS screen shots are saved in a second document, etc).
    2. Follow the recommended naming standard when saving the document for uploading: system_casenumber_casename_date
    3. Example: ACID_100000000000176_JonPublic_11.28.11.
    4. Repeat these steps each time you are uploading a document or screen shot to CCMS.

Results of the Procedure:

A document is uploaded and associated with the case, provider, or Work Item.