Create a Confidential Case

Cases become confidential when a DHS employee is either the client or provider. When this occurs, parts of the case record or provider record are only viewable or editable by individuals with Manager or BCCD security roles.

Creating a Confidential Client - Process Steps:

  1. Select the tab for the parent who is a DHS employee
  2. At the top of page, select the checkbox next to DHS Employee.
  3. After completing the parent's information, click [Save].

Creating a Confidential Provider - Process Steps:

  1. Select "Yes" from the DHS Employee drop-down list.
  2. Click [Save] after completing the provider information on the Add/Update Provider page.

Results of the Procedure:

A client or provider's information becomes confidential.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question: What is a confidential case?
    Answer: A confidential case is one that involves a DHS employee. All users with Caseworker, Manager, or BCCD security have the ability to view or update a confidential client or provider record Only users with the security roles CCR&R Manager, BCCD PIQA/Customer Service employee, BCCD Manager, BCCD Security Administrator or BCCD Super Users/Help Desk/Trainers can view or create notes on cases, providers or documents associated with DHS employees.
  2. Question: How can users change a non-confidential case to a confidential case should a client or provider become an IDHS employee subsequent to case establishment?
    Answer: After the user receives the "Process COI" task for the Change of Information work item, they can navigate to the Add/Update Provider page and select Yes from the DHS Employee drop-down list. If the COI is for a client, the user can navigate to the Parent/Guardian Info page and select the DHS employee checkbox.