PM 06-25-01 Determining Nonfinancial Eligibility

WAG 06-25-01

new textEach eligible person must meet the nonfinancial requirements for medical benefits below.

  • age 19 through 64;
  • Illinois resident (PM 03-02-00);
  • meets Social Security number requirement (PM 03-11-00);
  • meets U.S. citizenship or immigration requirements (PM 03-01-00);
  • does not qualify for Family Health Plans;
  • does not qualify for Former Foster Care; and
  • is not receiving Medicare.

Persons receiving Veteran's Care or medical benefits with a met spenddown may qualify for revised textACA Adult.  They must meet the other eligibility criteria for Revised textACA Adult to qualify.

No Disability Determination Required

Having a disability is not a factor of eligibility for the ACA Adult group. Do not complete a Client Assessment Unit (CAU) determination for persons who are eligible for ACA Adult. Applicants who are eligible for both AABD Community and ACA Adult should be enrolled in the ACA Adult group.

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