Email: Additional One-to-One Staff Supports for CILA

On June 8th, the DD division sent out a draft bulletin on "Additional one to one staff Supports" for review and comment from the DD community. We have received a wide range of helpful input over the last two weeks.

First a clarification; A line in the mailing made it possible to conclude that we intended to implement the bulletin on July 1st. We do not plan to do so. We will implement a bulletin only after a broad and complete discussion.

It has been suggested that we put together a small group to discuss the issues involved in the bulletin. It is my plan to accept that suggestion.

As with my prior contract e-mail this morning, I would like to ask each of you to appoint an association staff member, and one member of your organization to meet on this issue. Please send Brenda your staff name, member name, and some times that would be good for such a meeting. If we need additional meetings, we will schedule them later.

Thanks in advance for your help with this matter.