The CCMS Communicator - June 29, 2012


The CCMS Communicator - June 29, 2012 (pdf)

News from the CCMS Project Team

WEB 3270

Effective July 1, 2012 CCR&R and CCMS sites will transition from the existing Attachmate Extra and Mochasoft to Web3270 for accessing the CCTS and IPACS. The Web3270 has faster connection speeds, larger bandwidth, and is available via the web. This will make office relocations and IDHS troubleshooting easier.

Best Practices:

  • If you login to, the following URL will appear on the first page: However, if this initial login page is saved as a favorite, the website will not work. To correct the URL, go into the favorite's entry - right click on the entry - click on 'properties' and change the URL to
  • Please note that it is best to use Internet Explorer as the web browser, with pop-up blocker turned off, java enabled in the web browser, and windows as the operating system.
  • Users must have Java loaded on their PC. This requirement can be validated and/or the software obtained by going to The user can test to see if they have Java from this site and download it if they don't already have it.
  • If the user does not have Java loaded successfully the first time in the system - they might need to run EZclear from the web3270 system, close the web browser and start over - this will clear the software from the browser and run a fresh download of the applet that is needed for web3270.
  • Sometimes first time logs-in may be slow, perhaps due to the user's bandwidth. However, this should resolve itself after completion of the entire procedure.
  • Users must type their full name as it appears on the State of Illinois issued ID or State of Illinois issued driver's license. Do not include spaces or [ ! % ^ & * ( ) + ? > < ~ ] special characters.
  • Passwords expire every 30 days. Establish a common day of the month for everyone to update their password (ie, 3rd Friday).

If the web browser closes when attempting to login to TruePass or other Entrust Truepass sites using JAVA, the user may need to reset the default setting in Internet explorer. The problem of Internet crashing and returning to the desktop can be caused by third party add-ons and/or third party tool bars. To help eliminate this problem perform the following tasks:

  • Open internet explorer
  • Click on "tools"
  • Click on "internet Options"
  • Click on "advanced tab"
  • Click on "reset advanced settings" or/and "Internet explorer settings"
  • Click on "apply"
  • Close IE and reopen
  • Go to web page and try again

Your Agency's IT Contact should work with individual user to help facilitate a smooth transition. If there are outstanding issues or concerns, the IT Contact can e-mail Rick.

CCMS Implementation Black-Out Period

The CCMS Project Team has agreed NOT to implement the system during the period of August 15 through September 15, 2012.


Question: Once documents are generated from CCMS will it automatically recognize the document and follow the rules that are set-up?

Answer: All generated documents should have the 1D bar code, which identifies the form, page number, and version. The 2D bar code carries the client name, case number, a document ID number, and other information used for routing the document and "following the rules". Not all forms will have the 2D bar code. Examples are Certificates, SAMERs, or Background Check forms.

Question: How do users know when there are several work items associated with a case, so as to work on all items to complete the case?

Answer: When working on one work item for a case, the worker could search by the case # on the work item search to view all open work items.

Question: Does CCMS capture or record the completed date for task? Is this something that reports would provide? Answer: Not currently.

Question: Which reports now generated through CCTS will be eliminated or changed with reporting capabilities in CCMS?

Answer: Reports can be created on demand by each CCR&R/Site to pull real-time information from CCMS. Reports that will not be generated in CCMS or CCTS may have the information found in them in new reports or built into tasks and alerts. For a complete listing of reports and their parameters, please refer to the Reports Crosswalk Job Aid.

Question: Why is reason "other" needed for the second parent if they are working or going to school? CCTS will accept a yes for either work or ed/training w/o any further explanation.

Answer: "Other" is a textbox and should only be needed if both the employment and education boxes are marked "no" so the worker can indicate the second parents disability, military service, court order, etc.

Question: What is the purpose of the DHS Employee field on the Provider Add/Update page?

Answer: Relates to 3455 question on page 11 for the providers. To capture providers who may be employed by IDHS or another State agency.

Question: What is the purpose of the DHS Employee field on the Parent/Guardian Information page?

Answer: To ensure that anyone who has access to the CCMS is restricted from entering or managing their own case.

Fixed Defects

The following is a partial list of defects that were fixed this week, and are ready to be re-tested by end users:

  • Cook County has been added to the drop down county menu.
  • "Enter Violation Referral" option removed from Workflow Status for Violation Referral Work Item Type Zip code value no longer displays as 60,607.
  • Schedule tab deletion implemented for cc arrangement screen and functions correctly.
  • Can save family info screen with multiple children without errors.
  • Ability to upload tif, pdf, and jpg files with dots "." in their file name.
  • Added "Reset All" button, which will clear all fields. If user clicks "Reset", it will only clear the upload part of the page.
  • Background check spelling has been fixed.
  • Provider that has been closed out on screen, no longer displays on Provider Close out form dropdown menu.
  • Case Search field disabled on Work Item Details screen now for new application work items.
  • BCCD displays as an option on 'Organization Requesting Training' dropdown menu.
  • Can save Transfer Work Item when transferring a case from CCR&R to site.
  • Process COI' task gets created when COI work item is created with 'Process COI' workflows status.
  • No longer duplicating children on Family Info page.
  • System will deny family if over income level.
  • After a shared case has been created, the work item type does not default to application.
  • Now able to save the Service Auth page after user switches providers mid month with both providers being approved for five full-time days per week.

The next edition of The Communicator will be distributed on July 13th - Have a safe and happy July 4th!

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