PUNS Records

Rejection Codes

Code Description
501 Demographic Information Not Present to  Process Information
520 Duplicate Client ID and Active Treatment Date
521 Client ID is not Numeric
522 Entry Provider FEIN is not Numberic
523 Client ID and Provider FEIN are not in Community Agency Table
524 Active Treatment Status is not '0' or '1'
525 Active Treatment Effective Date is not Correct
526 Client Cannot be Both at Redeterminationand PAS Level II Screen
527 Redetermination Client's NF is not '0' or Space
528 Redetermination Client Does Not Need NF Need Effective Date
529 PAS Level II Screen Client's NF Need is Not '0' or '1'
530 PAS Level II Screen Client's NF Need Effective Date is Invalid
531 Client Should be Redeterminatin Status or PAS Level II Streen Status
551 Invalid or Missing Agency FEIN
552 Invalid or Missing Agency Client ID
553 Agency not Authorized for Prioritizationof Urgencyof Need for Service
554 Invalid or Missing Form Sign Date
556 Invalid or Missing Comment Date
557 Invalid or Missing Reference Number
558 Invalid or Missing Reference Type
559 Invalid or Missing Reference Descriptor
560 Missing Comment Information
561 Invalid or Missing Provider FEIN
562 Invalid or Missing Related Reason Code
563 Invalid or Missing Need Meet Indicator
564 Invalid or Missing Reference Sequence Number
565 The Information Date Does Not Exist for the Change
566 Invalid Software Version Number
567 Primary Care Information is not Complete
568 Invalid Date of Birth of Primary Care Giver
569 Invalid Date of Birth of Secondary Care Giver
570 Missing Reference Record(s)
571 Annual Review Signature Date Cannot Be the Same with Original Record