Third Party Software Users

  • ROCS FTP interface for MH and DD Providers using Third Party Software Version 2.90 (exe) - 07/01/2014 (file size 2.03 MB) This is a self-extracting installation executable for use by Providers who use their own systems to report ROCS data.
  • File Specifications Manual for Providers Who Use Third Party Software (pdf)(pdf) - updated 10/1/2020
  • The 31V service code effective September 1, 2020. Valid values for rate levels: 1 or 2.  Both rate levels are the same state wide rate.  Providers using the Third Party software should ensure system updates.
  • The 31V service code has been established for Community Day Service (CDS) Providers to deliver Day Services in a Virtual environment.  Virtual Day Services (VDS) require prior approval and authorization for the individual who chooses to participate in Virtual Day Services.  The Division of Developmental Disabilities has posted an Information Bulletin on VDS.  Please refer to this Information Bulletin for complete information on VDS.
  • Providers will continue to bill 31U for Community Day Services provided in a Site-Based Setting and bill 31C when Community Day Services are provided at a community location which enables the individual to access and participate in relationships, activities and functions of community life outside of the physical location of the CDS site..
  • The Division of Developmental Disabilities will continue to provide notifications to the field regarding advancements and programming changes which will directly impact the billing of services. 
  • Effective Fiscal Year 2020, for program codes 31C, 31U, 37U, 39G, 39U, 53D and 53R, report the rate level in the Service Code field.  Rate level 1 is the statewide rate and rate level 2 is the former Chicago rate.  As of July 1, 2020, both rate levels are the same statewide rate.   Valid values: 1 or 2.
    • The daily billing cap is 7.0 hours for 31C, 31U, 35U, 39G and 39U.
    • The daily billing cap is 5.0 hours for 37U and 53D.
    • The daily billing cap for 53R is 24 Hours.

For questions or technical support for the MIS systems - ROCS, Agency Plans, Fee for services, etc., please send e-mail to ROCS Support

ROCS Changes for ICD-10 implementation

New record formats will be required for client files submitted after September 21,2015.

Test files can be sent by using the FTP Test Installation Executable which can be downloaded using the link below.

FTP Test Installation Executable Download

Test files must contain valid data records and a trailer record and can be sent from August 20 - September 30, 2015.

Please call JoLee Edwards at 217-785-9559 or send an email to for assistance.

Technical Support

Please review the Provider Assistance area for questions and answers about ROCS.

If you need further assistance, contact ROCS Technical Support

updated 10/1/2020