About The Central Directory

This directory is to serve as a statewide resource for families, providers, and other interested groups or individuals to access an array of sources, in accordance with Part C Regulations of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

§ 303.117 Central Directory. 

Each system must include a central directory that is accessible to the general public (i.e., through the lead agency's Web site and other appropriate means) and includes accurate, up-to-date information about-

(a) Public and private early intervention services, resources, and experts available in the State;

Child & Family Connections (CFC) Resources - This resource contains links to:

  • CFC Office listing
  • CFC  Executive Director listing
  • Local Interagency Council (LIC) listing
  • Parent Liaison listing

Early Intervention Clearinghouse

Early Intervention & the Medical Home Resources - This resource contains links to:

  • Illinois Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics

Hearing & Vision Resources - This resource contains links to:

  • Hearing and Vision Early Intervention Outreach (HV/EIO) Program
  • Project Reach
  • Deaf & Heard of Hearing Resources
  • Vision Resources

All Kids - A program offering Illinois uninsured children comprehensive healthcare.

Illinois Resources - This resource contains links to Illinois Therapy Chapters, including:

  • Illinois Division of Early Childhood (IDEC)
  • Illinois Developmental Therapy Association (IDTA)
  • Illinois Occupational Therapy Association (IOTA)
  • Illinois Physical Therapy Association (IPTA)
  • Illinois Speech Language Hearing Association (ISHA)

(b) Professional and other groups (including parent support, and training and information centers, such as those funded under the Act) that provide assistance to infants and toddlers with disabilities eligible under Part C of the Act and their families; and

Family Resources -This resource contains links to Illinois & national resources to assist families. 

Professional Associations - This resource contains links to national professional associations.

State of Illinois Agencies -This resources contains links to a variety of state agencies that the Early Intervention program partners with.

(c) Research and demonstration projects being conducted in the State relating to infants and toddlers with disabilities.
Statewide Research & Demonstration Information - Researched by the Illinois Early Intervention Clearinghouse.

If you would like to make suggestions on additions to this directory, please contact Jenni Grissom at jennifer.grissom@illinois.gov.