Process an Application Checklist

  • Step 1: Receive a "Process Application" task

    After a new application is validated in CCMS, a "Process Application" task is created and assigned to the correct team according to routing rules. The task appears to all workers on the team. On the Work Item Details page, select the caseworkers name in the Assigned Worker field to assign the application to the worker.

  • Step 2: Navigate to the Document Search page to View the Application

    After the caseworker is assigned an application, the next step is to review the application for processing. Navigate to the Document Search page, a link to view the Application PDF displays in the Document History section of page.

  • Step 3: Conduct a Case Search

    Review the application and navigate to the Case Search page to perform a search for all individuals on the application. This will determine if any case members are known to CCMS, the CDB (client database), or the City of Chicago.  If no record is found for the Head of Household, create a new case in CCMS.

  • Step 4: Record Parent/Guardian Information

    On the Parent/Guardian Information page, document information for parent(s) on the case, including teen parents. Be sure to check the HOH box on the tab for the parent who is considered the Head of Household.

  • Step 5: Record Case Information

    Document the Reason for Child Care on the Case Information page. You can also record the Start and End date of care, and if the case is an RPY, Military, or Collaboration case. Use this page to document any grace periods on the case.

  • Step 6: Record Activity associated with the Reason for Child Care on the School Information and/or Work Information page(s).

    If the client's reason for child care is Employment, complete the Work Information page.

    If the client's reason for child care is Employment/Training/Education, complete the Work Information AND School Information pages.

    If a household member has multiple activities, all relevant information pertaining to these activities must be entered for the case.

  • Step 7: Review Parent(s) Schedule

    Review the Schedule Tool page. This page documents school and work schedules for all parents listed on the case. CCMS will suggest hours of care based on these schedules. This schedule is a reference tool to use when creating the child care schedule(s).

  • Step 8: Record Family Information

    On the Family Information page, document all members of the case who are not considered parents. Be sure to document if the record is for a child for which care is being requested. Use this page to record the individual's relationship to the Head of Household, and (if available) SSN and U.S. Citizenship status. Don't forget!  If you add adult family members, be sure to add any corresponding work, education, or activity information on the Work Information or School Information pages.

  • Step 9: Record Income Application

    On the Income page, there are sections for reported and actual income for both parents and additional family members. Record the income reported on the application in the Reported column. Record the actual income amount after verification in the Actual column. The amount in the Actual column will be used to determine eligibility. Remember! You can access the Verification page to document any calls that are made to verify wage information.

  • Step 10: Record Child Care Arrangement

    On the Child Care Arrangement page, record the requested child care schedule for each child and corresponding provider listed on the application.

  • Step 11: If needed, Send a Request for Additional Information (RAI)

    Review the Document Checklist page. This page lists all verifications and supporting documentation scanned, faxed, or emailed from the client. If necessary, access the Generate Documents page and generate an RAI form to mail to the client.

    You will receive a task when the client returns the RAI or if the RAI is not returned within 10 business days. Process the RAI if returned.

  • Step 12: Confirm All Documents Received on the Documents Checklist Page

    Review the Document Checklist page and check the "Received All Necessary Documents" box to confirm all necessary verifications have been received from the client. Remember!

  • Step 13: Run Eligibility and Review Results

    On the Eligibility Results page, click "Run Eligibility" and CCMS will use existing case data to determine if the children on the case are eligible for child care benefits. You can view the status column to view eligibility results for each parent and child.

    If the case is denied: If care for every child on the application is denied, click [Deny/Cancel] and skip to Step #16.

  • Step 14: Create a Care Schedule for Each Eligible Child on the Case

    On the Service Authorization page, create a care schedule for each child and their associated provider(s). Document the provider(s), provider rates, and approved monthly full-time and part-time days per child.

  • Step 15: Record the Parent Co-Payment

    Using the co-pay calculation worksheet (outside CCMS), calculate the Parent Co-Payment for the case. Record this monthly amount on the Co-Pay page, and select the provider who should receive the co-payment for each month of eligibility.

  • Step 16: Generate and Print Approval or Denial Notice

    Approve the case on the Case Summary page, then navigate to the Generate Document page to generate the approval or denial notice for the client and provider(s). You can choose to print the notices locally or send for mass mailing. The co-payment amount and the weekly care schedule from the Service Authorization page are documented on the notice.

  • Step 17: Record Case Notes

    Record case notes on the case actions you have performed. Case notes can be used to document any necessary information related to the application or case changes.

  • Step 18: Complete the Application Work Item

    Return to the Work Item Details page to finish the Application Work Item. Update the work flow status to reflect the current standing of the work item and change the Work Item Status field to [Complete].

Congratulations!!!  You have successfully processed a new Child Care Application in CCMS.