Response to Inquiries #2 - April 12 & 13 COB

  1. Inquiry #1
    Lara Bergstedt
    Is the RFI to be completed by all agencies or only those that are seeking to receive grants to expand services?
    Also is the term "consumer" specific to individuals involved in MH services, or does it include individuals who are solely receiving substance abuse services?
    Your actions in response to the RFI is only required should you wish to provide services to the target population as identified in the RFI.
    A "consumer" is a person seeking any service described in the RFI.
  2. Inquiry #2
    Thank you for responding to previously asked questions. I have additional question in completing Attachment B and C. UICMC is only submitting the application in response to the CHIPs portion.
    Attachment B:
    1. Does not seem relevant to CHIPs only application. According to the RFI the inpatient bed day allotment is fixed regardless of operating expenses. The information requested is extensive and would require the involvement of multiple departments within the medical center and would not impact the reimbursement rate. Please clarify which sections are necessary for CHIPs only consideration.
    Attachment C:
    2. Are we to respond to the questions in terms of number of beds UIC will allocate to CHIPs. For example, current "annual funding amount" and "current capacity" would be none and "estimated average number of individuals served per month" would be the number of beds UIC will allocate to CHIPs. Is this correct?Attachment B:
    1. Is this information request for FY12 or for FY13?
    Cherise Rosen, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Public Health
    Director of Quality Management Services Research Department of Psychiatry University of Illinois at Chicago
    1601 Taylor Street, Suite 489 Chicago, Illinois, 60612 ? Telephone: 312.355.5234 ? E-Mail:
    All attachments are included for DMH assess comparable programs as gains to a unified standard.
    Attachment B: If you are not requesting "positions" then personnel costs, benefits can be aggregate as well as other header sections for the entire program and as available, applicable and including as "non applicable".
    Attachment C: There are no "current funding" for CHIPs. Current Capacity can be related as Average daily census (ADC) and "estimated average number of individuals served per month" should be the numbers of admissions you can project per month based on your current utilization patterns. We are not expecting any CHIPs program to "allocate beds" since admissions will occur based on bed availability on the inpatient units on the entry date.
    Attachment B:
    2. Is this information request for FY12 or for FY13?
    Your Current fiscal year
  3. Inquiry #3
    Question / Inquiry:
    Please explain how hospitals would be reimbursed under the BILT option.
    Thank you,
    Julie Hughes
    Julie Hughes, BSN, MBA, CPHIMS| Assistant Vice President of Patient Care Services
    PROVENA HEALTH - RESURRECTION HEALTH CARE | 333 N. Madison | Joliet, Illinois 60435
    tel: 815.725.7133 X 4596| cell: 779-279-6261 | fax: 815.741.7156 | e-mail:
    AS this is a new program for DMH we anticipate a fee for service (FFS) rate likely capped at 48 hours and to be a multiple of the proposed CHIPS rates of $650 per day. Uniquely, we expected significant negotiations to occur based on your narrative and cost submission.
  4. Inquiry #4
    DMH RESPONSE in bold:
    Inquiry: I did not see any additional responses to inquiries after 4/11. When will that be updated next?
    Current responses can be found at Response to Inquiries
    Inquiry On Attachment C:
    For Rule 132 services, is this to cover Medicaid and non-Medicaid clients? This project is for those unfunded (non-medicaid) persons as historically would likely to be admitted to Tinley Park MHC
    Under Rule 132 services: We have grants for both Medicaid and non-Medicaid, but funding is not broken down by services. Please clarify how to break that down under each 132 service provided in the column "Annual Funding Amount".
    Non-medicaid funding projections should be separated by and as indicated under Rule 132 services program lines 26-54 based on the services activity you project for enrolled and eligible persons.
    3. I am not clear what is referred to by "Estimated Available Capacity". Current capacity + proposed new capacity = estimated available capacity?
    "Estimated Available Capacity" equals Capacity as is available under your current funding plus "proposed new capacity"
    Susan C. Hudson
    Grundy County Health Department