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Active Community Care Transition:Tinley Park Mental Health Center Community Reinvestment

Information Due By Close of Business Monday, April 16, 2012

Please direct all questions regarding the general procedures for responding to this Request for

Information to:

Please send one electronic copy (in Microsoft Word) and one paper copy of your response to this Request for Information by the due date and time to:

Jackie Manker, Associate Director
IDHS Division of Mental Health
319 E Madison, Ste 3B
Springfield, Illinois 62701

Phone: 217-782-5700


We would like to thank your organization in advance for reviewing this Request for Information (RFI)1.

Our community partners and other stakeholders have long constituted the bedrock of the public mental

health services available for residents of Illinois. Illinois Department of Human Services Division of

Mental Health (IDHS/DMH) appreciates your organization's ongoing efforts and values your input into

the further evolution of our service model.

This RFI consists of two major sections. The first provides the context for this request, describing

important background information, locations for obtaining additional background information and the

current needs of IDHS/DMH leading to this RFI. The second section details the information being


1 This RFI does not constitute any commitment by the State to follow any particular procurement course of action.

The RFI is for informational purposes only and may not necessarily result in an award of a contract or an increase

in funding of an existing contract. The information provided in response to this RFI is considered the property of

the IDHS/DMH and will be kept confidential by the IDHS/DMH to the extent permitted by law. Information that

you provide that you consider to be a trade secret or you consider confidential/proprietary (See section 7(1)(g) of

the Illinois Freedom of Information Act 5 ILCS 140/7) must be claimed as such at the time of submission. In

addition, a detailed written justification explaining why the provided information is a trade secret or is

confidential/proprietary must also be submitted. Please note that the IDHS/DMH cannot reimburse community

service agencies or other entities for any expenses associated with responding to this RFI.