Clinical Characteristics of the Individuals and Their Service and Support Needs

This RFI is aimed at meeting the needs of a specific and prescribed population of individuals. Specifically, we are targeting the approximately 1,900 individuals from Region 1 South area who, if not for the Tinley closure, would be seeking state-operated hospital (SOH) services in the twelve months beginning July 1, 2012. The basis for this forecast is shown in the table below, which details SOH admissions from the four community areas that make up Region 1 South during fiscal year 2011. The average length of stay for these admissions is about 11.6 days.

Table I. FY11 State Hospital Admissions by Region 1 South Community Areas

Table II. FY11 Emergency Department Referrals TPMHC

Expert Clinical Focus Groups consisting of clinicians from area hospitals, community service providers and IDHS/DMH have been convened to review clinical information on representative samples of individuals admitted to TPMHC. The result of this group's work can be summarized as follows:

  • About 53% of people did not meet admission criteria for inpatient level of care
    • About 5% of this group could have been successfully diverted to intensive levels of outpatient ambulatory care within the Rule 132 services array
    • About 11% of this group appeared to require specifically and solely substance abuse services (DASA)
    • About 37% of this group appeared to require observation (up to 48 hours), after which an intensive levels of outpatient ambulatory care (within the Rule 132 array) would have been appropriate to address their needs
  • About 47% of persons would have needed inpatient level of care

To help responders to this RFI further understand the characteristics of the population targeted by this RFI, a report on the diagnoses of individuals discharged by TPMHC during FY11 is contained at Appendix 4 titled FY11 Discharges from Tinley Park with the Following Primary Discharge Diagnosis.

The work of the Expert Focus Groups has led IDHS to develop an RFI inviting three types of qualified providers to participate in developing the enhanced, Integrated Crisis System in Region 1 South. They are:

  • Community hospitals that can provide inpatient and other hospital-based psychiatric services;
  • Community mental health service providers; and,
  • Community SUD providers.

Collaboration is encouraged across applicant provider agencies in order to maximize

opportunities for integration of Crisis Care components.