2011 Juvenile Transportation / Jail Removal

Illinois Department of Human Services
Division of Family & Community Services

Program Description


Funds support detention centers in transporting youth in need of secure detention from county jail and municipal lock ups to juvenile detention facilities. Youth may be transported as necessary up until the point of adjudication.

Eligibility Criteria 



In 1998, the Illinois Juvenile Court Act was rewritten. It allows for juveniles age 12 and older to be detained in county jails and municipal lockups for up to 12 hours (24 hours for violent offenses); a direct contradiction of the federal JJDP Act which sets the limit at 6 hours. The Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission initiated several strategies to prevent noncompliance. Transporting youth in need of secure detention to juvenile detention facilities, who would otherwise be detained in county jails, is one of the strategies.

Delivery Method

Grants, primarily, to rural communities to support the transport of juveniles from county jail and municipal lockups to juvenile detention centers elsewhere in the state. There are four grantees covering five (5) detention centers located strategically throughout the state.

Program Data

Program Data SFY09 SFY10 SFY11
Program Expenditures (Numbers in 000's) $170.6 $159.5 $158.7
Number of Grantees 4 4 4
Number Served 474 475 467

Note: As recorded by providers in the web-based Juvenile Monitoring Information System (EJMIS).

Program Accomplishments

  • Youth have been transported expeditiously from jails and lockups to detention centers thereby increasing the state's compliance with the federal JJDP Act.
  • Transportation services were available for youth in 74 counties.