Temporary Suspension of Staff Add-On Reviews for CILA & DT Programs

Department of Human Services
Division of Developmental Disabilities
Information Bulletin

Temporary Suspension of Staff Add-On Reviews for CILA & DT Programs

March 2, 2012


This Information Bulletin is being sent to notify providers of a temporary suspension of Staff Add-On Reviews for people in CILA and DT programs.

Process and Procedure

The Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) regularly awards additional staff supports for individuals with extraordinary needs on both short term basis and longer periods of time. The most recent awards for longer term additional staff supports have specified an end date. Older awards for additional staff supports did not have a specific end date but have been periodically reviewed.

To ensure everyone in Waiver services is being treated equitably, the DDD is currently revising our procedures related to the request process, evaluation criteria, response (award and denial) and review of additional staff supports. Previous and future requests and awards will have the same measurable standards and criteria applied. Constituency groups will have the opportunity to comment on the revised draft language prior to implementation.

While the revision process is taking place, the DDD will continue to process new requests for additional supports; however, it is temporarily suspending the review of all current staff add-ons. This review suspension includes older staff add-ons that were awarded without a specific end date, the more recent awards that specified an end date for the additional staff supports, and awards that will be made in the near future while the revision process is underway.

For the time being all individuals with a staff add-on included in their 60D and/or 31U rate(s) will continue the add-on until the DDD finalizes the revision of the policies and procedures related to additional staff support requests. The DDD is currently working to have the updated policies and procedures in place and posted by the beginning of Fiscal Year 2013. Reviews will begin again when the revision is completed and made public.

Effective Date

The temporary review suspension is effective immediately.