Reimbursement for Training

Reimbursement and Training Requirements Waiver 

Agencies will be reimbursed for each individual that successfully completes the DSP Training Program provided that the:

  • Agency has a Department-approved, and current (not expired) DSP Training program and approved DSP instructors.
  • Individual successfully completed 40 hours of classroom training and 80 hours of on-the-job training.
  • DSP training is completed within 120 calendar days of the date of hire, but it cannot be completed in less than 21 calendar days from the date DSP training begins.
  • Individual is listed on the Health Care Worker Registry as a DD Aide.
  • Individual has not been submitted for reimbursement of DSP training costs in the past 5 years.
  • Individual must be a current employee of the agency at time of submittal.

If any of the above six (6) provisions are not met, the request for reimbursement for DSP training will be rejected unless a waiver of the unmet training requirement is obtained from the Division of Developmental Disabilities.  See Waiver in Delay of Meeting Training Requirements for more information.

Agencies must submit billing for the entire training at one time. Partial billings will not be accepted. Although the minimum billing hours is 120, agencies may bill for up to 10 additional hours of training reimbursement (e.g. 130 hours verses 120 hours), if the additional hours have been approved as the agency's DSP training program.

Staff Training Reimbursement

Please refer to the DHS Information Bulletin DD.16.073. This Information Bulletin will outline and inform you of a revised billing and payment process for staff training. This Information Bulletin replaces the DD.13.030 which was rescinded September 26, 2013.