Provider Responsibilities for Hiring DSPs

  • Providers covered by the Health Care Worker Background Check Act should designate one person as a Portal Registration Authority (PRA).  This person serves as a liaison with IDPH's Information Technology Security, manages the Provider's portal account and ensures application security.  The PRA must register for a portal account to access the IDPH Health Alert Network through the IDPH Web Portal.
  • Until the IDPH authorizes access to the IDPH Web Portal, agencies must continue to obtain ISP name-based criminal background check results and send them to the HCWR.  The person's social security number (SSN) must be written on the background check sent to IDPH.  ISP name-based criminal background check results must be reported immediately upon hire to the HCWR.
  • Important: Providers are responsible for checking the HCWR to verify that the fingerprint or name-based background check results were received and posted on the HCWR. If name-based results are not posted within two weeks of submitting or fingerprint results not posted within 48 hours of being taken, it is the Provider's responsibility to contact the Illinois Department of Public Health's HCWR to determine what actions need to be taken to get the background check result posted.
  • Upon completion of the Provider's approved DSP training program, the DSP Course Coordinator must ensure DSP training is reported to the Health Care Worker Registry within 30 days of training completion.
  • All Providers with Division-approved DSP training programs are enrolled in a web-entry reporting system for DSP training.  These providers are given access to the Southern Illinois University DSP Training Registry Portal to report completion of DSP training. 
  • The DSP Course Coordinator is responsible for ensuring the completion of the Illinois Health Care Worker Registry Application Form (pdf) and entry of that information into the web-reporting system within 30 days of the DSP's completion of training. 
  • The DSP Course Coordinator or designee will check the HCWR to verify that training results were received and posted to the DSP's HCWR record. 
  • The HCWR posting of DSP training completion is verified by the designation "DD Aide" displayed as part of the person's HCWR record under "Certification."  This designation is posted when the person's ISP background check results matches the DSP training record information submitted through SIU. 
  • It is the agency's responsibility to make sure names of DSPs are listed on the Health Care Worker Registry as a DD Aide before they can work alone with individuals they support.
  • The DD Aide designation should be posted within 3 working days (SIU work days) after entry of the DSP's training information through the DSP Training Registry Portal.  If the training results are not posted within this time frame, it is the Provider's responsibility to contact Southern Illinois University or the Illinois Department of Public Health's HCWR to determine what actions need to be taken to get the training results posted to the HCWR.
  • Note: The spelling of the employee's name and Social Security Number (SSN) submitted for a Illinois State Police criminal background check must be correct and match exactly the name and SSN reported to SIU through the web-entry system. If these are not an exact match, the Health Care Worker Registry cannot match the employee's criminal background check result with the person's DSP training documentation. "DD Aide" will then not be not be displayed for the employee.
  • It is the DHS policy that at least one fully-trained DSP must be at the program site (CILA, Developmental Training site, etc.) any time one or more persons are receiving services.  A fully-trained DSP is a person identified on the HCWR as a DD Aide.
  • The DSP Course Coordinator or designee must print the HCWR verification for the DSP and keep it in the employee's personnel or training record or other location readily available for review.
  • The Provider (DSP Course Coordinator or designee) must check all employees' HCWR record annually to ensure there has not been a disqualifying conviction or substantiated finding of abuse, neglect or financial exploitation posted for that person.
  • If a fingerprint background check is performed, the employer reported through the IDPH Web Portal will be notified by email if there is a disqualifying criminal conviction.  However, agencies will still need to check the HCWR annually for any substantiated findings of abuse, neglect or financial exploitation.

Contact Information

  • Questions about the IDPH Web Portal registration process or PRA function should be directed to Department of Public Health's IT Security, at or (217) 557-5496.
  • Health Care Worker Registry questions should be directed to the toll-free number at (844) 789-3676 and TTY: (800) 547-0468.
  • Questions about the posting of DSP training records to the Health Care Worker Registry can be directed to the DHS Division of Developmental Disabilities at (217) 558-1511 or