DSP Course Coordinator Training Checklists and Forms

The following documents are submitted by agencies and will assist in the development and approval of DSP training programs.

The Checklists below are for DSP Course Coordinators ONLY and should be printed and brought to DSP Course Coordinator training.  They are not used in DSP classroom training:

  • Direct Support Persons Training Program Letter of Application: Checklist G (IL462-1280)

    Submitted to adopt the entire DHS core training program. This is required for for new program submissions only. 

  • Direct Support Persons Training Program Letter of Application: Checklist H (IL462-1281)

    Submitted to request approval of an agency-written training program or modified DHS core training program.

  • Instructor Qualifications: Checklist I (IL462-1282)

    Submitted for approval of qualifications of DSP training program instructors. The course coordinator must complete a Checklist I for each employee with accompanying information when teaching all or a portion of the DSP training curriculum. 

Each program instructor shall meet at least one of the following criteria as listed on Checklist I:

  • Be a qualified QIDP.
  • Be listed on the QIDP-eligible database registry maintained by the Division of Developmental Disabilities and have completed a Division-approved 40-hour QIDP Basic Orientation training program.
  • Have a valid Illinois teaching certificate with at least one year of experience with DD.
  • A community college or college instructor with at least one year of verified teaching experience and familiarity with DD.
  • Special Content Instructors must:
    • submit a resume verifying qualifications of the person teaching the special content area.
    • have at least one year of experience in the field of developmental disabilities.
    • List field of expertise in which they will teach (e.g., RN teaching medically-related competencies or safety inspector teaching  environmental health and safety competencies).

  • DSP Training Program Two Year Review: Checklist J  (IL462-1283)

    Submitted as part of the required two-year review of their DSP training program. This document requires agencies to provide answers about the current status of the agency's DSP Training Program and instructors.  Based on the answers, the agency will complete documents or move to the next question.  All completed and requested documentation is to be returned along with Checklist J (pdf) to the Division of Developmental Disabilities by the due date in the letter.  The documents are required for renewal of the agency's DSP Training Program for another two years.

  • DSP Training Program: Core Competency Area Checklist (IL462-1286)

    Instructors must use this checklist to ensure that DSP's have the knowledge and abilities to perform their duties. Supervisors can also use this checklist as a tool for setting performance standards, expectations, or identify skill gap areas. 

  • DSP Training Program: Core Competency Verification  (IL462-1290)

    Instructors must use this checklist to ensure that DSP's have the knowledge and abilities to perform their duties. Supervisors can also use this checklist as a tool for setting performance standards, expectations, or identify skill gap areas. Form number: IL462-1290.

  • DSP Informational Competencies Evaluation Form (IL462-1285)

    This form is to be completed by each organization submitting its own classroom training curriculum for approval. Organizations that choose to adopt in its entirety the Department's standardized classroom training curriculum do not need to complete this form. 

  • DSP On-The-Job Training Activities (OJT) And Accompanying Competency-Based Training Assessments (CBTA) (IL 462-1293) 
    This form is to be completed by each organization when creating your own OJT/CBTAs or modify a DHS-approved OJT to meet your agency training needs.
  • DSP Interventional Competencies Evaluation Form (IL462-1294)

    This form is to be completed by each organization not using the entire Appendix 3 for on-the-job training activities.