IITAA Web Standards Workgroup Meeting

The Department of Human Services is hosting an in-person meeting of the IITAA Web Standards Workgroup. At this meeting, we will be determining how we can best achieve the goal of aligning with WCAG 2.0 while still presenting guidelines in a way that is understandable and usable by developers in Illinois.

This will be a technical working session, and participants should have at least a basic understanding of HTML coding practices. Results of the meeting will be posted on this site, and opportunity for comments and questions will be provided.

WHAT: IITAA Web Standards Workgroup Meeting

WHERE: DHS, 400 W Lawrence Ave, Suter Conference Room, Springfield IL

WHEN: March 15, 9:30 am - 3:30 pm


  • Goals of the IITAA Update
    • Purpose
    • Audience
    • Needs
    • Objectives
  • Review of Existing Resources
    • Current IITAA Standards
    • Best Practices
    • WCAG 2.0 Techniques
    • Other?
  • Identification of Needs
  • Next Steps

For reference: IITAA-WCAG 2.0 Map https://www.dhs.state.il.us/page.aspx?item=51389

If you have questions, please email dhs.accessibility@illinois.gov