Choate Developmental Center Profile

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Average age of persons served (19-75 age range) is age 40.

Individual Profile - Updated 07/02/2020

Number Data
211 Current Census
40.63 Average age of persons served (21-78+ age range)
15.05% Severe or Profound M.R. range
14.69% Nonverbal, use sign language or gestures to communicate
94.79% Have a behavior intervention program
81.99% Receive Psychotropic medications

Location: Anna - Union County

Clyde L. Choate Center offers a variety of treatment programs/services including but not limited to: Psychiatric/psychological, medical/physical, social, educational, vocational/ rehabilitation, recreational, speech, language and hearing, pharmacy, dental, and dietary services, and referrals and special consultations.

The campus consists of six living areas (5 civil living units/1 forensic living unit). Individuals from the 5 civil units attend multiple on-campus and off-campus workshops. The forensic unit is a self contained unit, due to the specificity of the individuals residing on this unit. The forensic populations have been placed there through incidents with police and court systems of Illinois. The individuals have either been found Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity (NGRI) or have been found Unfit to Stand Trail (UST). The unit remains locked and specially trained staff, Security Therapy Aides) are assigned.

The Choate Center was initially opened in 1869. The majority of occupied buildings were constructed from 1950-1965. The facility is located on the northeastern edge of Anna, Illinois, in Union County. Union County is geographically situated in southern Illinois, 30 miles north of the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers. Choate Mental Health and Developmental Center occupies more than 220 acres and has 6 buildings for individual care, treatment and habilitation. Additionally, the campus maintains a hospital for the acute psychiatric treatment of patients.

The Choate campus also houses numerous Illinois state and local agencies:

  • Family Community Resource Center
  • Department of Rehabilitative Services
  • Office of State Guardian
  • Office of Inspector General
  • Southernmost Illinois Tourism
  • Shawnee Development Council
  • ASH Credit Union
  • Fellowship House Treatment Facility
  • Tri County School District
  •  Homeless, Inc.
  • Sunrise Preschool (a child and infant daycare)
  • Southern 7 Head Start