Volume V, Issue VII - January 2012

From: Theodora Binion, Director
Division of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse


  • Awards were restored with across the board restoration methodology and percentages.
  • Restorations applied were consistent with the funds restored percentages and targeted by the legislation.
  • The $28 million in restorations are calculated as follows:

Medicaid Appropriation

Medicaid Appropriation reduced $ -7,630,300
Legislation restored Medicaid 7,600,000
Percent restored 99.6%

Placed back to Medicaid Appropriation.

Medicaid Utilization Management (UM)

Medicaid related UM reductions $ -3,750,000
Legislation restored Medicaid 3,750,000
Percent restored 100%

This was restored at 100% since the Medicaid was restored 100% to targeted Medicaid Residential

providers who had the targeted reductions due to Medicaid UM late start and Medicaid reduction.


DCFS Appropriation reduced $ -2,650,500
Legislation restored 2,000,000
Percent restored 75.45%

Restored via across the board 75.45% to all DCFS appropriation lines reduced.

GRF Treatment/Recovery Lines

(OMT, Recovery Support, Global Treatment Services)

GRF lines reduced by $ -17,987,246
Legislation restored 14,650,000
Percent restored 81%

Restored via across the board 81% to all Globals, OMT, and Manual Services reductions applied.

DASA Total Restorations

Total funds reduced by $ -31,086,600
Total funds restored 28,000,000
Difference -3,086,600

(All of which is Non-Medicaid)