View and Update the Document Checklist

Use this wizard to view and update the document checklist for an application or redetermination. You can use the Document Checklist page to view a summary of documents and verifications the client has submitted to support a case or application.

When a new application or redetermination is processed in CCMS, verifications are scanned into CCMS, verified, and associated with the case. These documents display on the Document Checklist page. Before eligibility can be confirmed for a case, you must review the document checklist, confirm all necessary verifications have been submitted, and click the checkbox next to the Received all necessary documents field.

Process Steps:

  1. For each Reason for Child Care, specific verifications are needed. These verifications are listed in the Document Type column. Review the Document Checklist page to confirm which documents have been submitted by the client.
  2. The Parent Name, Job/School/Act, Employment Type, Document Type, and Last Date Received columns will be populated next to documents submitted by the client.
    • Parent Name: The name of the parent associated with the verification displays in this column.
    • Job/School/Act: Displays each job (name of employer) and school/activity (school name/training program) associated with each parent.
    • Employment Type: If Reason for Child Care is Employment, displays Employment, Self Employed, or Cash Paid.
    • Date Received: The date the document was scanned or verified displays in this column.
    • Last Date Received: The date when the document has been associated with a Work Item.
  3. When all verifications have been received, click the checkbox next to the Received all necessary documents checkbox.
    • The Received all necessary documents checkbox must be complete before eligibility can be run for a case.
  4. Click [Save] to save the information on the Document Checklist. The Eligibility Results page displays.
  5. To log notes about any of the verification information, proceed to the Case Notes page.
    • The documents which display on the Document Checklist page vary depending on the Reason for Child Care selected on the Case Information page. See chart below for the list of documents which display for each reason. Remember, required documents are specific to the reason for child care and may not apply.
    • To review any of the documents, you will have to proceed to the Documents tab and search for the document you wish to view. They cannot be accessed on the Document Checklist page.
Document Type Employment Training/Education
(Teen Parents & TANF Clients)
/Education (Teen Parents & TANF Clients only)
Non-TANF Education & Training Comments
Special Needs Verification X X X X
Verification for why parent is unable to provide child care X X X X Displays only if the case has 2 parents and only one currently has a job
Pay Stub #1, #2, and #3 X X
Letter from Employer X X
Income Verification X X
Payroll Document with Signature X X
Self-Employment Records X X
Tax Return X X
Monthly Statement of Earnings X X
RSP form X X
Provider Referral form X X
Change/Progress Report form X X
Notification of Employment X X
School Schedule X X X
GED Program Letter of Verif. X X X
School Letter of Verification X
School Schedule (Vocational Education) X
School Letter of Verif. (English as a Second Lang., ESL, Basic Adult Education) X
Progress/Grade Report (Voc. Educ.) X
Offical Regis. (2/4 Year College Program) X
School Schedule (2/4 Year College Program) X
Progress Report/
GPA (2/4 Year College Program)
Letter of Verification X

Results of the Procedure:

You are now able to view and update documents for the application or redetermination on the Document Checklist page.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I view the document history for a case?
    1. Navigate to the Document Search page, and use the Case number as the search criteria. All of the documents associated with the case display in the Document History section of the page.