Document Grace Period Information

Use this wizard to document or update Grace Period Information. Review the policy for Grace Periods in the manual at section 02.04.01 - Grace Periods

Process Steps:

  1. On the Case Info page, there are 3 sections separated by a gray line. Scroll to the last section on the page to record grace period information.
    Case Info page, where to record grace period information. 
  2. To add a new Grace Period record, select the correct grace period from the Job Search/Grace Period Type drop-down menu.
    • Collaboration cases are the only clients allowed a 90 Day Grace Period.
  3. Grace Period Begin Date: Record the begin date for the Grace Period in the following format: MM/DD/YYYY.
    • As with all date fields in CCMS, you can click the icon to view a date calendar. You can click on a date in the calendar and it will populate in the CCMS date field.
  4. Grace Period End Date: Record the end date for the Grace Period (MM/DD/YYYY) based on 30 days from grace period begin date.
  5. All parent records on the Parent/Guardian Information page display in the Parent drop-down list. Select the Parent who is has the grace period from the drop-down list.
  6. CCMS will auto-populate the Grace Period in 12 mos. period? field. This field will display Yes if there is a begin date within the last 12 months for a 90 day grace period.
  7. Click [Add] to add the record to the case. The new record displays in the Grace Period table.
  8. Click one of the following buttons:
    • Click [Next] to save the Grace Period information and CCMS will display the Work Information page.
    • Click [Save] to save the Grace Period information on the page. You can navigate to the next desired page.
    • Click [Previous] to save the Grace Period information on the page. CCMS will navigate you to the previously viewed page.
    • Click [Reset] to reset all the fields on the page. This will not save any information.

To remove a Grace Period record from a case, click the next to the record. Careful! There is no warning when removing a Grace Period, and once a Grace Period record is removed it must be manually re-added.

Results of the Procedure:

The Grace Period record on the Case Information page is documented and saved.

  • Helpful Hint from BCCD! During a grace period, the co-payment may be reduced if income is lower during the grace period. The co-pay would change as of the first of the month after the grace period starts.
  • Refer to the Create or Update a Co-Pay wizard for assistance with updating the co-payment.