View and Dismiss a Reminder

Use this wizard to view and dismiss reminders in CCMS. Reminders are generated for current and overdue tasks as well as other triggers in the CCMS system. Reminders are similar to those found in Outlook Express; however, the reminders in CCMS will not pop-up.

Process Steps:

  1. At the Reminders section of the Tasks page, the number of reminders is displayed as a hyperlink next to each Work Item Type.
  2. View all reminders by clicking on the numbered hyperlink beside Total Number of Reminders.
    • If you just want to view the reminders of a certain type, click on the numbered hyperlink beside the Work Item Type to view the reminders for only that category.
  3. A pop-up box displays the reminders and their information
  4. View a description of the reminder and the case number in the Description column.
  5. The date the reminder was generated is found in the Reminder Date column.
  6. Highlight the desired reminder and click [Dismiss] to remove the reminder. Click [Dismiss All] to remove all reminders.

    • Use the Tasks and Reminders Job Aid to learn more about why each reminder is generated.

Results of the Procedure:

The desired reminder is viewed and removed from CCMS.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I view the number of days before a reminder will display for a task?
    1. Use the View or Update Reminder Information wizard to navigate Manage Tasks page to view the task information. The Days Before Due Date and Days After Due Date to view when the reminder will appear for the task.