Closeout a Provider from a Case

Use this wizard to closeout a provider on a case, after a client submits a Form IL444-3455G: Request for Child Care Provider Change or if a provider needs to be closed out for policy reasons. Use the Provider Closeout page to end the service authorization for the provider. A Service Authorization is the approved amount of hours a client is eligible to receive child care assistance, also called a care schedule. The Service Authorization is created for a specific provider(s) over the eligibility time period.

Process Steps:

  1. Review the Provider Closeout section of the page. Each provider with a service authorization displays in the Provider Name drop-down list.
  2. Select the correct provider. Each child associated with the provider displays in the Provider Closeout section.
  3. Select the checkbox in the Select column for the child/children that will no longer be receiving care from the provider. If all children are ending care with this provider, select the Closeout all children for this provider checkbox to select all children.
  4. Type the Last Date of Care in the following format: MM/DD/YYYY. You may also select the date by using the calendar icon.
  5. Select the Reason for changing the provider from the drop-down menu. This reason may be documented by the client on the IL444-3455G: Request for Child Care Provider Change form.
  6. Repeat this process for all children who are switching providers.
  7. Click [Save] to finalize the provider closeout. The Last Date of Case and Reason columns populate with the selected information.
    • The Actual End Date field on the Child Care Arrangement page is changed to match the last date of care recorded on the Provider Closeout page.
  8. To remove the provider closeout, click the Select checkbox for a row and click [Delete]. This will remove the information for the Last Date of Care and Reason columns, but leave the child's information.
  9. To closeout all service authorizations on the case:
    1. Check the Closeout All Children field.
    2. Type the Last Day of Care for all the children in the following format: MM/DD/YYYY.
    3. Select the Reason for Ending Care provided by the client from the drop-down menu.

Results of the Procedure:

  1. A provider on a case is closed out. The provider can still provide care to other cases.
    • Best Practice: If the provider is changed, don't forget to access the Service Authorization page and create a service authorization for the new provider. It is also a best practice to generate notices to the client as well as the previous and new provider alerting them of the case changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When is the correct time to create to add the new provider to the case and Create a Service Authorization?
    1. It is a best practice to update the case with the new provider's information after closing out a provider, however service authorizations for the old and new provider can overlap.
  2. How should I process a provider closeout with more than 1 child and closeout reason?
    1. When you perform a closeout and select one reason, one last day of care and one or more children, and save the page - the next step is to generate the form for this reason, before performing another closeout with a different reason/last day of care/children. This is because the form will pull information from the latest record that was saved.