Search for a Work Item

Use this wizard to search for an existing Work Item. You can view all Work Items in CCMS, but CCR&R/Site users can only update Work Items assigned to their organization/agency.

Search for a Work Item - Process Steps:

  1. Select Assigned Org from the drop-down list. This list contains each agency in CCMS, including each CCR&R and Site.
  2. Complete any of the below optional search fields to narrow the Work Item Search results:
    • Work Item Type: Designates the Work Item Type
    • Sub-Type: Designates common work item types into more specific Work Item Type categories
    • Provider: Search to find work items associated with a provider
    • Case #: Search to find work items associated with a case
    • Assigned Team: Choose a team from the selected organization to view their assigned work items.
    • Workflow Status: Find the workflow statuses within the selected work item type.
    • Work Item Status: Search by level of completion options including New, In Progress, Complete, and Terminated.
    • From and To Start Date: Range of dates from when the work item is due.
    • Fiscal Year: The fiscal year the work item is due.
    • Next to the Work Item ID, Provider Name, and Case # field there is a magnifying glass icon. Click on the icon to access a search page to search for the correct provider, Work Item, or case to associate the document with.
  3. Click [Search]. You can also click [Reset] to clear all the fields on the page and begin a new search.
  4. The results of your search display in the Search Results section of the page.
  5. Click on the correct hyperlink in Work Item Type column in the Search Results to view details about the Work Item on the Work Item Details page.

Results of the Procedure:

The Work Item search is complete, and you can view the Work Item.