Search for a Document

Use this wizard to search for documents related to case, providers, or Work Items in CCMS. All documents associated to a case or provider record are available for viewing in CCMS. You can view both documents generated to the client/provider, and also documents/verifications submitted by the client/provider.

Search for a Document - Process Steps:

  1. Scroll to the Document Search section of the page.
  2. Select Document Type from the drop-down list. Document type is a list of documents to classify the document. For example Application, Self Employment Record, or Change of Information.
  3. Select Source from the drop-down list. Source is a list of options to classify how the document type was sent out or received.
  4. Enter additional search criteria in the following fields (optional):
    • Work item ID: The Work Item ID the document is associated with.
    • Case #: The case number the document is associated with.
    • Case Name: The name assigned to the case which consists of the first and last name of the client.
    • Provider: The Provider the document is associated with.
      • The provider, case #, and Work Item ID fields have icon next to the field. Click on this icon to search for the correct case #, provider, or Work Item ID.
    • HOH RIN: The Recipient Identification Number for a case Head of Household.
    • From and To: Range of dates of when the document was received.
      • As with all date fields in CCMS, you can click the icon to view a date calendar. You can click on a date in the calendar and it will populate in the CCMS date field.
  5. Click [Search].
  6. A list of documents display in the Document History section of the page.
  7. Review the Document History section of the page for the desired document.
  8. The Document Type field in Document History section is a hyperlink. Click on the hyperlink in the to generate a PDF of the document. If the document has been received from the client it will contain the document with the completed information.

Create or View a Document Note - Process Steps:

You can view or create a document note to any document on the Document History section of the page.

  1. Click the document note icon to view or add a note to a document. The Document Note pop-up displays.
  2. To view a document note, select the note in the top section of the window.
  3. To create a new document note, click [Add].
  4. Type the document note in the Add/Update Note text box.
  5. Click [Save].

Results of the Procedure:

You can search for and view a document.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can a user only search for documents assigned to work items, cases, or providers in their offices or all of CCMS?
    1. You can view the document search results for all documents across organizations, however the document is view only once the document has been sent out. Updates cannot be made to the document after it is mailed/emailed to the recipient.
  2. How can I determine if a document has a note attached to it?
    1. The icon next to the Document Type hyperlink indicates if the document has a note attached to it.