Understanding the CCMS Dashboard

It is a best practice to start each day by reviewing your CCMS Dashboard. This dashboard will show your Organization's caseload and display information on tasks that are past due (overdue) or are coming due soon (current or upcoming). Tasks are grouped by Work Item Type and the due date.

  • Message Center: Displays messages and updates from BCCD. Messages in this field can be changed as frequently as desired and are not saved.
  • Assigned Org: This drop down field can be used to select the your organization.
  • Assigned Team: Select your team in this drop down field. Function: The group of the work item type (Eligibility, Customer Service, PIQA).
  • Work Item Type: The Work Item associated with the task
  • Overdue: Tasks which are overdue. These should be addressed first.
  • Upcoming: Tasks which have not had a reminder generated.
  • Current: Tasks which have had a reminder generated, but are not overdue.
  • Total: Combined overdue, upcoming and current tasks.
  • Filter Work Queue: Here you can select your CCR&R or Site from the Assigned Org drop down field. You may also select a team from the Assigned Team field.
  • My Work Queue: This section displays the number of tasks that will be due shortly based on CCMS rules. These tasks are grouped by Work Item Type and Number of Days remaining. Current and upcoming tasks should be addressed so they do not become overdue.