Add or Update Parent/Guardian Information

Use this wizard to add parent/guardian information to a case. This is the first step after creating a case. The first person recorded on the Parent/Guardian Information page the "Head of Household". The Head of Household's information is recorded on the Parent 1 sub-tab. If the case is a two or more parent case, enter additional parent/guardians by clicking the "Add Parent" sub-tab. Parent/Guardian information is documented on the Child Care Application or Redetermination form. This wizard also refers to using information from a "CDB" case. a CDB case is the client's case from the Client Database (CDB).

Refer to Policy 01.01.02 to view the definition of a Parent/Guardian.

Process Steps:

  1. On the Parent/Guardian Information page, there are two sub-tabs. Click the "Parent 1" sub-tab to document the first parent's information for the case.
    • To add additional parent records, click the "Add Parent" sub-tab to add another parent. Repeat this step until all parents are documented.
    • To designate a Head of Household in cases with multiple parents, select the Head of Household checkbox in the appropriate parent's sub-tab.
    • Select the DHS Employee checkbox to indicate if the parent is an employee of DHS.
  2. Select if the parent is Active or Inactive from the Parent Status drop-down list. Only two parents can be active.
    • To enter in more than two parents, change one of the parents already in the system to Inactive.
  3. The Status Effective Date is populated with the date the Parent Status was last entered/updated.
  4. The Living in the Home field defaults to Yes. From the drop-down list, select 'Yes or No' to document if the parent the parent's living status.
    • Before you are able to select the CDB checkbox to populate client information, you must link the CCMS and CDB case together in the Case Search page. Once these cases are linked, you can select the CDB checkbox, and information from the CDB will populate on the page.
  5. Type the First Name, Middle Initial (M.I), and Last Name of the parent.
  6. Document the Social Security Number of the parent in the SSN field in the following format: #########.
  7. The RIN field cannot be edited. A Recipient Identification Number will populate for the parent after the record is saved.
  8. Select the County of Residence from the drop-down list.
  9. Document the parent's Home Address. This is the address where the parent lives. Type the City, State, and Zip-Code of the Home Address.
  10. Document the parent's Mailing Address. This is the address where the parent receives mail. Type the City, State, and Zip-Code of the Mailing Address. These fields cannot be left blank.
    • Select the Mailing address is the same as home address checkbox if the home and mailing addresses are the same. The Mailing Address, City, State, and Zip-code fields for the mailing address will populate with the home address information.
      • If a Mailing Address is documented, this is the location to which CCMS will direct all system generated correspondence and notices, unless the email preference option has been selected.
  11. Scroll to the fourth section of the page.
  12. Document all available phone numbers for the client. This includes Home Phone #, Mobile Phone #, or Another Phone #.
    • You can also document the Best Time to Call the client. This is the time that the client prefers to be contacted. The character limit for the Best Time to Call field is 7 characters.
  13. Select if the client prefers to be contacted by postal mail or email from the Mail Pref drop-down list. CCMS will use the chosen method to send system generated correspondence, notices, and forms.
  14. If the client has selected email as the preferred method, type the Email Address and then Re-enter Email for accuracy.
    • You can click the icon to view the Email History for the parent. Anytime you type over an existing email address, it is moved to History. You can view the date the email was created, closed, and also the user who last modified the email address.  The Email History pop-up window is informational only and cannot be edited. Click [Close] to close the window.
    • CCMS provides client's the option of receiving mail via email or through the postal mail. If the client chooses to receive notices via email, no postal mail will be created.
  15. Scroll to the last section of the page.
  16. Document the Date of Birth of the parent in the DOB field by selecting the calendar icon.
  17. Select the Gender of the parent from the drop-down list.
  18. Select the parent's primary Language from the drop-down list. If English or Spanish is selected, correspondence will be sent to the client in this language when available.
    • If the parent's primary language is not English or Spanish, select Other from the Language drop-down list and complete the Other field to document the parent's language. The field is informational only and does not impact the correspondence language. The Other field character limit is 50.
  19. Complete these steps, only for the second parent on the case. The below fields display if the Head of Household checkbox is NOT selected.
  20. The Working? and Attending School/Training? fields default to Yes. Select No from the drop-down list to accurately reflect the second parent's activities.
  21. If either the Working? and Attending School/Training? field are No, record the reason the second parent cannot care for the children in the correct text box.
  22. Click one of the following buttons:
    • Click [Next] to save the information and CCMS will display the Case Info page.
    • Click [Save] to save the information on the page. You can navigate to the next desired page.
    • Click [Previous] to save the information on the page. CCMS will navigate you to the Case Search page.
    • Click [Reset] to reset all the fields on the page. This will not save any information.

How to Use CDB Information for the Parent/Guardian Info page:

  1. On the Tasks page, select a Process Application task. Doing so will take you to the Work Item Details page.
  2. Complete the work item appropriately and proceed to the Case tab and the Case Search page.
  3. Select the Search by CDB checkbox and complete a case search.
  4. Review the search results to view if the client has a CDB case you would like to associate with your CCMS case.
  5. Click the [Create Case] button.
  6. A new case is created. Be sure to note the new case number to reference.
  7. You will be taken to the pop-up of the new CCMS case.
  8. You are now in the context of your CCMS case. The case number and information is displayed in the purple header.
  9. Complete the Parent/Guardian Info page using information from the application.
  10. Click [Save].
  11. Click on the Case Search page to perform a case search with the name from the case just created. Both the CCMS and CDB cases will appear in the search results.
  12. Link the CCMS case and CDB Case. Select the checkboxes for each case under the Select column in the search results.
  13. Click [Link] to link the cases to one another.
  14. By linking the cases, you will be able to view all cases by selecting the case you wish to view from a drop down which will appear in the purple header. After you complete linking the cases, the CDB case number will display in the purple header.
  15. Return to the Parent/Guardian Info page.
  16. On the Parent/Guardian Info page, information from the CDB case displays in all the CDB fields which include: CDB Name, CDB Address, and CDB Phone.
  17. If you would like to use the CDB information displayed in the fields, select the Use CDB Info checkbox in each section.
  18. Click [Save]. The corresponding fields will be update and display the information from the client's CDB case.

Results of the Procedure:

  1. Information on the Parent/Guardian Information page is documented and saved.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I update a parent's information? Answer: To update a parent's record, you can type over existing data on the page, and click [Save].