View or Update Income Information

Use this wizard to document income for each parent, guardian, or family member of the case. This page is structured so you can enter the reported income for each parent and family member, and also document the actual income after verification.

Toolbox: Refer to the Process a New Child Care Application in CCMS Job Aid to view steps to process a new Child Care application.

Process Steps:

  1. On the Income Information page, there is a reported column for the Head of Household (1st Parent), the 2nd parent if there is one on the case, and any other family members on the case. Use this column the reported monthly income next to the reported fields. You can document the actual income after verification. Document the monthly income in the following format: ##.##
    • On this page, when an arrow displays between the Reported and Actual field, you can click the to copy the text from the Reported column to the Actual column.
  2. Document the income reported by the client for each of the types of income: Employment, Self Employment, Provider, Child Support, TANF Case Assistance, Other Federal Case Income, and Other Monthly Income
    • Provider income is used if the client is a child care provider and income is received.
    • Other Monthly Income includes: unemployment compensation, ongoing monthly adoption assistance payments from DCFS, permanent disability payments (SSI), alimony, interest income, royalties, pension, annuities, veteran's pension, survivor's benefits, and living expense portion of educational grants.
    • If a CDB case number is linked to the case, the TANF Cash Assistance amount associated with the CDB case automatically displays in the Actual TANF Cash Assistance field.
  3. CCMS auto-populates the Subtotal for each column for reference.
  4. The Actual Total column calculates the actual amount for each income type row and also displays a total for all income types.
  5. Scroll to the Child Support Paid section of the page.
  6. Document the income paid by the client for Child Support:
    • Lump Sum: If client pays child support that is not a monthly payment, but a lump sum, e.g. a one-time or annual payment. CCMS will determine a monthly amount based on the Lump Sum.
    • Monthly Payment: If the client pays a monthly payment for child support
    • Note: Lump Sum and Monthly Payment are differentiated on the current Parent co-payment Calculation Worksheet
  7. CCMS will auto-populate the total income fields based on the information in the Reported and Actual columns:
    • Total Child Support Paid: This is the total amount of Child Support paid.
    • Total Monthly Income: This is the income that will be used when determining eligibility. It is the income total minus child support paid.
    • Housing Case Assistance: Document any housing cash assistance received. This field is used for Federal reporting purposes only.
  8. Click one of the following buttons:
    • Click [Calc Sheet] to open the income copay calculation worksheet.
    • Click [Next] to save the information and CCMS will display the Verification page.
    • Click [Save] to save the information on the page. You can navigate to the next desired page.
    • Click [Previous] to save the information on the page. CCMS will navigate you to the previously viewed page.
    • Click [Reset] to reset all the fields on the page. This will not save any information.

Results of the Procedure:

Information on the Income Information page is documented and saved.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How I update income information?
    1. To update a case income record, you can type over existing data on the page, and click [Save]. Previous information is not saved.