GRF Walk-Up

GRF Walk to DHS FY13 Introduced Budget (All Numbers in Thousands)

Category Total
GRF FY12 Estimated Spending $3,387,141.3
FY13 DHS GRF REQUEST $3,384,911.6
Category  Subtotal Total
Developmental Disabilities
GRF Pickup of Provider Relief One-Time Funds $43,000.0
DD Ligas Costs $38,900.0
DD Community Annualizations $7,400.0
Maintain DD Payment Cycle $163,534.1
Community Investment from facility closures $20,819.4
DD Facility operation Savings related to closures ($20,819.4)
Reduction in Non-Medicaid Services ($18,390.2)
Shift costs to Healthcare Provider Relief Fund ($50,000.0)
Subtotal $184,443.9
Family & Community Services  
Maintain Child Care Payment Cycle $18,300.0
Child Care Rate Increases $21,645.2
TANF Caseload Change $139,300.0
Employability Development Services Liability $12,800.0
Estimated Savings from new EBT/Link contract ($9,859.7)
9% Reduction in Project Cornerstone ($47.4)
Reduction in Food Stamp Employment & Training ($387.2)
Reduction in Employability Development Services ($1,943.5)
TANF - Reinstitute 30-day waiting period ($9,155.2)
TANF - Institute 3-year time limit ($15,281.2)
Reduction in Emergency & Transitional Housing ($4,700.0)
20% Reduction in Children's Place ($97.5)
Increase Child Care Parent Co-Pays ($36,384.1)
Reduce investment in Child Care Quality ($3,419.3)
Child Care - Eliminate Flexible Work Schedule Policy ($2,625.4)
Child Care - Implement Upfront Registration ($4,889.3)
Child Care - Reduce Initial Applications to 150% of FPL ($9,270.7)
20% Reduction in Teen REACH services ($1,643.4)
Eliminate Addiction Prevention ($2,636.0)
10% Reduction in Community Services ($594.0)
9% Reduction in Comprehensive Community Based Services for Youth ($998.0)
Reduction in Domestic Violence ($2,300.0)
Reduction to Healthy Families ($1,277.8)
Reduction in Parents Too Soon ($1,000.0)
5% Reduction in Family Case Management ($1,927.5)
10% Reduction in Rape Victims/Prevention Programs ($466.0)
Subtotal $81,142.0
Mental Health
MH Williams Consent Decree Costs $21,000.0
Community Investment related to facility closures $14,600.0
MH Facility operation savings related to closure ($8,991.7)
Reduction in Tinley Park operational cost due to closure ($17,900.0)
Eliminate Transportation Funding ($1,500.0)
Institute 30-day Medicaid payment cycle ($12,647.7)
Reduction in Capacity Grants ($18,400.0)
Eliminate Non-Medicaid ($17,600.0)
Savings from Utilization Management ($9,000.0)
Subtotal ($50,439.4)
Rehabilitation Services
Maintain Payment Cycle Home Services $12,000.0
Home Services Liability $44,212.7
Shift to HSP Federal Medicaid Match Fund ($240,000.0)
Shift BI customers not in need of BI specialized services to Persons with Disability Waiver ($1,700.0)
No longer accept individuals with primary diagnosis of Mental Illness or Developmental Disability ($1,850.0)
Eliminate services to children under the age of 18; except respite ($2,926.7)
Home Services Adminstrative Efficiencies ($8,900.0)
Increase Determination of Need from 29 to 37 for new clients ($3,000.0)
Reduce Service Cost Maximums for clients with DoN between 29-39 ($33,000.0)
Reduce SEIU contract funding ($9,000.0)
Subtotal ($244,164.0)
Addiction Treatment Services
Medicaid Savings due to implementation of Utilization Management ($5,000.0)
Subtotal ($5,000.0)
Program Adminstration
PS & F Annualization $30,371.7
Fleet Management Program $1,416.1
Subtotal $31,787.8