4369E - Paced Feeding

State of Illinois
Department of Human Services

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Paced Feeding

Due to the small size of baby's stomach, begin by offering 2 ounces of breast milk.* More should be offered if your baby seems hungry, especially if he is having a growth spurt.

  1. Hold baby in your arms or lap in a semi-upright position. This gives baby better control of feeding and allows you to make eye contact with baby.
    • Take time to cuddle, talk and smile with your baby; studies show baby will feel more secure and loved.
    • Propping the bottle may also cause choking, ear infections or overfeeding.
  2. Use a bottle nipple with a wide base and a very slow flow (test the bottle by turning it upside down; drops should follow each other closely, but not make a stream). Hold the bottle still and at an angle to reduce the amount of air swallowed by baby.
  3. Use the nipple to gently tickle your baby's cheeks or lips, causing him to open his mouth wide, like a yawn, to begin feeding.
  4. Let baby pull the nipple into his mouth (do not force).
  5. Occasionally, offer your baby time to rest and breathe by removing the bottle slightly. Allow baby to pull the nipple into his mouth again when he is ready.
  6. If baby becomes upset when the nipple is removed, simply tip the bottle, so that the milk stops flowing for a few seconds, without removing the nipple from baby's mouth.
  7. Burp your baby at any natural break during or at the end of a feeding. Natural breaks help slow the feeding and decrease the amount of air swallowed.
  8. Follow your baby's lead to decide how much and how long to feed.

* Offer only breast milk or infant formula in a bottle.

Adding juice or other sugary drinks can cause tooth decay.

Adding cereal can cause choking.

DHS 4369E (R-06-17) FYB - Paced Feeding  Printed by the Authority of the State of Illinois.  500 copies PO#17-1947