Service Reporting/MH Billing

Service Reporting

The above screen appears after selecting Services/Bills on the menu bar

  • From the drop down list select the following:
    • Contracted Services
    • Monthly Reporting
    • Add/Change/Delete or Add Using a Roster
  • This screen is used for reporting Contracted Services or Grant-in-Aid services on a monthly basis.  Daily reporting can also be used.
  • Services are reported on a monthly basis by hours/minutes.
  • If using a Roster to report services and there are no services for the displayed Client ID, click SKIP CLIENT to advance to the next client in the Roster.
  • Use the DUPLICATE ALL DATA if you wish to replicate all information fields from the previous entry.
  • Use the DUPLICATE SERVICE DATA if you wish to replicate only the "Service Reporting" information fields.
  • Using F1 key will provide some explanation on the field in question.  Further explanation on the fields can be found in the ROCS User Manual.
  • Click on PROCESS to save your entry.
  • If the entry has an error(s), a message explaining the reason for the error will be displayed.  Make necessary changes and click on PROCESS again.
  • If the entry is error free, the message "PROCESSING COMPLETE! RECORD CHANGED" will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  • More information on Service Reporting can be found starting on page 6-10 of the ROCS User Manual.  Page 70 if referencing the PDF version of the User Manual. 
  • Activity and Service Diagnosis Codes ROCS (pdf)  - updated 07/20/2007