May 9, 2012 Planning and Grants Committee Meeting


Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission Planning and Grants Committee Members and Staff. The public is welcome to attend.


May 9, 2012, 9:00a.m. to 11:00a.m.


  • 401 S Clinton, 7th Floor Think Tank-Chicago, IL
  • 100 S Grand, 3rd Floor Think Tank-Springfield, IL


  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Approval of Minutes
  4. Program / Project Reports
    1. Domestic Battery Sites: Presentation & Discussion
    2. Reentry Projects: Status of implementation & next steps
    3. DJJ Grants: Process for reporting and discussions
  5. 3-Year Plan Submission
  6. Status of Funds: Title II and JABG
  7. Committee Updates/Motions for Consideration
    1. Communications Committee
    2. BARJ Committee
    3. DMC Committee
    4. Executive Committee
    5. JDAI / Detention Committee
  8. New Business: OJJDP Site Visit, CJJ Conference, etc.
  9. Adjournment


  1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 9:10 AM. Introductions were made of all present.
  2. Roll Call: Chairman Lisa Jacobs, IJJC Chairman George Timberlake, Commissioners Wayne Straza, Pam Rodriguez, Julie Biehl, Esther Franco-Payne, Dana Weiner, Patrick Nelson. Quorum present. Julie Biehl was made a member of the Committee for today's meeting to make quorum. Staff: Rob Vickery, Ron Smith, Candice Jones, Julie Stremlau, Lin Ferguson, Karrie Rueter by phone. Guests: Wendy Nussbaum, Jeff Gress, Chris Bernard, Shannon Hartnett, Heidi Mueller.
  3. Approval of Minutes: Commissioner Straza made a motion to approve the minutes of the March meeting, Commissioner Franco-Payne seconded the motion. All in favor. March minutes approved. Commissioner Franco-Payne made a motion to approve the minutes of the April meeting. Chairman Jacobs seconded the motion. All in favor. April minutes approved.
  4. Program / Project Reports
    1. Domestic Battery Sites: Presentation & Discussion
      Addressing issues not previously focused on to improve policies and practice. Three sites identified domestic battery as an issue that impacts youth and their families. The presentation and discussion was led by Heidi Mueller, Wendy Nussbaum, Jeff Gress and Shannon Hartnett. Identification of the type of kids that are in the program, how they work and the differences within each of the programs and the reasons for those differences was the focus of the presentation.
      Next Steps: This matrix has descriptive rather than predictive values. Chairman Timberlake wants to use this as a method to get to a training level. Currently there is not a policy in place to inform authorities what to do for youth in domestic battery situations. Committee wants to identify what they want to learn from this, and how we learn about the projects and the work that they fund.
    2. Reentry Projects: Status of implementation and next steps
      Chairman Timberlake asked what is necessary for the community to be identified as a necessary component in the program. DJJ is responding that they don't need all of what is being proposed. Commissioner Jacobs asked Candice Jones if she wants any of the Commissioners involved in the discussions with DJJ. Rob Vickery added that in the future it may be necessary to have the influence of Commissioners to move this program forward with DJJ/DOC. Candice added that we need to use caution in applying pressure to DJJ/DOC.
    3. DJJ Grants: Process for reporting and discussions
      Nothing noted, at this time.
  5. 3-Year Plan Submission: Candice Jones reported that the 3-Year Plan was submitted on time. She thanked Commissioners and staff for all of the work they put into the plan.
  6. Status of Funds: Title II and JABG
    Discussions about lapsing funds are in process. Director Cutrone talked with Karrie Rueter about what needed to happen for a transfer of JABG funds in terms of positions. Chairman Timberlake spoke with Toni Irving about not appointing any new Commissioners to this body until this issue is resolved.
  7. Committee Updates/Motions for Consideration
    1. Communications Committee: No motions. Meeting on a regular basis to complete JSO report.  Reentry bill passed Committee. Chairman Timberlake reported that there was a large contingency from DJJ for the Parole Board hearing. Chairman Monreal will provide language for us to use for an amendment and criteria for discharge will come from Director Bishop within two weeks. This will serve as a bulletin for preservation of discharge. Chairman Monreal will provide that information to the Parole Board. Representative Gabel will work with the Speaker's Office to keep this alive.
      Communications Committee testified to support appropriations for the Second Chance Grant.
      Raise the Age met with AOIC to get a more complete data analysis. Plan to have report complete by June 30, with or without AOIC updated data. Working on youth engagement project. On May 29, 2:00 there will be a mock training at Northwestern with youth on what happens when you are arrested.  Next Committee meeting is May 24, 2:00, at Metropolis 2020.
    2. BARJ Committee: BARJ Committee has discussed the Circle Training at Harrisburg. That group has submitted a funding project to ICJIA.
    3. DMC Committee: Chairman Timberlake reported that Miguel Millett has resigned and since Candice Jones is on board and has extensive experience in this area, we will not rehire a DMC Coordinator, at this time. Commissioner Rodriguez and Candice gave testimony at the REI Task Force Meeting. The goal is to raise attention and drive forward awareness of race and ethnicity in the justice system. They discussed data issues that are facing the juvenile population. The assessment is the main focus of the Committee. Susan Witkin and Erica Hughes have been working with the Committee on the qualitative portion of the report.
    4. Executive Committee: Commissioner Biehl requested that at the next Executive Meeting there could be a discussion on the role of Commissioner Weiner as the data person for the Commission. Candice Jones added that we will establish a singular data cell in which Committees will report to her, rather than having her going to every Committee meeting.
    5. JDAI/Detention Committee: Chairman Timberlake reported that they attended the JDAI Convention in Houston. They received an invitation to meet with Bart and Gale Mumford and Chairman Timberlake will do that with a small number of commissioners. It is not scheduled at this time.
  8. New Business: OJJDP Site Visit, CJJ Conference, etc.
    Chairman Timberlake reported that the OJJDP site visit went well. It was Redeploy focused  and no other SAG issues were discussed. They were impressed with Illinois' progress and  were invited to participate with other states on a webinar. 
    Chairman Timberlake added that the RIOB agreed to set aside money for a redeploy focused  grant. Two sites are going to lapse $75,000. 
    Domestic Battery sites currently funded projects by the Commission. We need to make a  decision for FY13 if JCEC funding is not in place.  A motion to request authority to fund domestic battery sites from the Commission at the next meeting was made by Commissioner Straza. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Nelson. All in favor. None Opposed. Motion passed.
  9. Adjournment: Motion to adjourn was made by Commissioner Franco-Payne and seconded by Commissioner Straza. All in favor. The meeting was adjourned at 11:50AM.