April 18, 2012 Executive Committee Meeting


Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission Executive Committee Members and Staff.  The public is welcome to attend.


April 18, 2012, 9:00a.m. to 11:00a.m.


  • 160 N LaSalle, 10th Floor
    Chicago, IL
  • 100 S Grand, 3rd Floor
    Springfield, IL


  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Approval of Minutes
  4. DJJ Update
  5. Status Update
  6. Title II & JABG
  7. Annual Report
  8. 3-Year Plan
  9. Data Coordination
  10. Juvenile Sex Offender Study
  11. Juvenile Reentry Study
  12. Raise the Age Report
  13. Committee Updates
  14. New Business
  15. Adjournment


  1. Call to Order:
    Meeting was called to order at 9:55am. Chairman Timberlake explained that Miguel Millett, the DMC Coordinator, has resigned. Candice Jones will be taking on the DMC Coordinator duties, at this time. Karrie Rueter explained that we need to notify YNC that we will fulfill the contract with them so they are in compliance with their grant. The money for the position can be held or spent.
  2. Roll Call:
    Commissioners: Chairman George Timberlake, Pam Rodriguez, Wayne Straza, Gene Griffin. Quorum present. Staff: Rob Vickery, Candice Jones, Rachel Sipes, Karrie Rueter, Julie Stremlau.
  3. Approval of Minutes:
    Minutes not approved as quorum established late in the meeting. Committee will address minutes at next meeting.
  4. DJJ Update:
    None noted. Chairman Timberlake explained the committee continues to meet to address the issues.
  5. Status Update
    1. Title II and JABG
      Continuing to work on acquiring JABG funding. No updates on Title II, at this time.
  6. Annual Report
    No update at this time.
  7. 3-Year Plan
    No update.
  8. Data Coordination
    No update.
  9. Juvenile Sex Offender Study
    No update.
  10. Juvenile Reentry Study
    Rob Vickery discussed the issues downstate sites will have for Reentry. The Committee requested a projection of the plans. Rob stated it would take him about a week to compile his report. We need a strategical analysis of Reentry and what we have found through our research.
  11. Raise the Age Report
    No update at this time.
  12. Committee Updates:
    The Youth Network Council (YNC) RFP states they have a term of contract with DHS. There is a need for a point person in each area. We need to make adjustments to the current plan due to Miguel leaving. Chairman Timberlake and Candice will work together to determine YNC's role in relation to the JJ Commission and YNC's overall roll. To establish the primary response, managing the meetings, etc. YNC only did a partial budget and are trying to annualize their budget. They need to update the plan and the end of May is an adequate due date.
  13. New Business
    Karrie Rueter explained there is another Second Chance grant open. This grant is in addition to the initial 2010 Second Chance grant. The application is due May 14th, so if we want to pursue more funding we need to act. A concept is needed for the grant. There are 15 projects only. It is a fixed amount with no additional funding. In order for us to put this together we need a concept. Rob Vickery had a suggestion to inquire into the Reentry sites that were not able to be funded as avenues for this Second Chance grant opportunity.
  14. Adjournment
    Commissioner Straza motioned to adjourn the meeting. Commissioner Rodriguez seconded the motion. All in favor, meeting adjourned at 11:00am.