June 18, 2012 DMC Committee Meeting


Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission DMC Committee Members and Staff.  The public is welcome to attend.


June 18, 2012, 2:30p.m. to 4:00 p.m.


  • 160 N LaSalle
    10th Floor
    Chicago, IL
  • 823 E Monroe
    Springfield, IL 


  1. Call to order
  2. Approval of Minutes 
  3. DMC Assessment Quantitative-ICJIA
  4. DMC Assessment Qualitative- CPRD
  5. OJJDP Federal Requirements
    1. Site Visit
    2. Training
    3. Compliance
    4. SRAD Call
  6. Cook County Detention Numbers 
  7. DMC Site Closeouts 
  8. New Business/Other 
  9. Adjourn


  1. Call to order: The meeting was called to order at 2:45pm.
  2. Roll Call: Chairman Pamela Rodriguez, Rodney Ahitow on phone. No Quorum. Guests: Peter Mulhall, Erica Hughes. Staff: Lin Ferguson, Candice Jones, Rob Vickery, Michelle Arnold.
  3. Approval of Minutes: Unable to approve minutes due to lack of quorum.
  4. DMC Assessment Quantitative-ICJIA: Peter Mulhall, CPRD explained that they have completed about 20 telephone interviews. They are being transcribed and will get the analysis as soon as possible. The online surveys are being put into the system. There were about 200 surveys completed in the Peoria area. They will go live with the online survey when Susan Witkin returns. Candice Jones discussed the work plan and indicated we are in good shape.
  5. DMC Assessment Qualitative- CPRD: Erica Hughes apologized for not updating the DMC work plan. She explained she is really busy with Redeploy. She informed the group that we currently have 9 counties with Tracker data and in process of getting the rest. Since we are losing Will County as a data site we are reaching out to other counties. DeKalb, McLean, LaSalle and Jefferson are a few of the counties under consideration. The more information we get for the Statewide Assessment the better. Jeff Bradley is trying to make some additional contacts to ensure Will County has an opportunity to remain a data site. Erica explained that AOIC responded they were not able to provide the data the DMC committee needs. Chairman Rodriguez asked if we should follow up with a letter or a phone call to ensure we cannot access this data. Candice Jones added that the IJJC is continuing to work to access data information from AOIC for other IJJC work in other categories. She believes that this group will also work toward acquiring the DMC information we seek. Chairman Rodriguez asked that Candice check and possibly follow up to ensure the DMC data questions are also being considered through this IJJC data requests.
  6. DMC Federal Requirements
    1. Federal Site Visit: The Federal site visit is being planned for the end of August of early September. We need to confirm the dates. They are currently: August 23rd and 24th or August 28th and 29th.
    2. Training: Candice informed the group that we are in the process of scheduling DMC training to coincide with the federal site visit. This will be all day long DMC training. Chairman Rodriguez would like for this training to include further focus on moving forward and not just basic DMC training. Candice will send a notice when the training dates are finalized.
    3. Compliance Update Illinois was found in compliance with DMC with some stipulations. A letter was received from OJJDP outlining action needed to maintain that compliance. Candice added that a quarterly report was sent the first of June. Chairman Rodriguez wants to ensure that Michael Holmes and the Secretary are kept in the loop on the Compliance issue.
    4. SRAD Conference Call
      The last DMC SRAD conference call was held May 9th and 10th. The next call is scheduled for July 11th and 12th.
  7. Cook County Detention Numbers
    It was suggested to include DHS, Ogle County, etc. for the intended Webinar training. Cook Co. detention numbers are a key focus. We need to walk away from the training with further knowledge concerning the data and we need to move forward with that information. Cook County will be the target office. Candice Jones, Chairman Rodriguez and Andrea Coleman will finalize the agenda.
  8. DMC Site Closeouts: The current DMC sites are closing out. The DMC Committee would like for the sites to present their work to the Commission. We are also reaching out to them for their Performance Measure data. The date and time for this presentation will be finalized. It was noted that Miguel Millett shared his DMC contact information with Susan Witkin. Peter will check with Susan on the interviews and surveys done with the sites.
  9. New Business/Other
    None noted.
  10. Adjourn
    Meeting was adjourned at 3:31pm.