Client Income Information

Client Income 

  • The above screen appears after Client Data has been selected from the Menu bar and the Add/Change Income Info option is selected.
  • This screen is used for entering client monthly income information for individuals receiving residential services in the Fee for Services programs.
  • Income information for the month of service must exist before bills may be entered for residential services.
  • A valid amount must be entered even if it is all zeros.
  • Income information is valid for no more than 12 months from the effective date.
  • For all CILA (60D bills) clients, the CILA type must be indicated. 
    • A check mark in the PPO CILA box will prompt an other window to appear asking for the correct CILA type to be indicated
      • 24 Hour
      • Intermittent
      • Family
      • Foster Care
      • Host Family
  • When the client income information has been entered, click on the WORKSHEET button to see the projected daily rate offset.
    • The projected daily rate offset is the amount that the total cost rate (topline rate) is reduced to obtain the daily rate (bottomline rate).
    • The projected rate offset calculated at the PC will be recaluculated by DHS during processing and may be adjusted.
    • The individual is responsible to pay the daily rate offset amount from the income reported on the screen.
  • After all information is entered, click the PROCESS button to process and save the information as entered.