Client DD Information

Client DD Information sreen

Client Developmental Disabilities (DD) Information

  • The above screen will display if Developmental Disability (DD) is selected on the Client Information Selection screen.
  • Enter all information on this screen as you know it
  • When in doubt as to what to enter, use the F1 key on your keyboard for Help
  • Using F1 key will provide some explanation. More information can be found in the ROCS User Manual on pages 31-38.
  • Once all information is completed, use the PROCESS button to save your input. 
  • PROCESS at this point does not mean that the information has been sent to DHS for processing and approval. You will still need to create a Client Information File and Transmit the file to DHS for processing here. 

Registration Date - Mandatory

  • This date needs to be at least one day prior to the 1st date of service that your agency provided for this client.
  • If this client has been your agency for a very long time, the date must be after 7/1/1994.

Diagnosis Codes

  • Select and enter only those diagnoses having the most significant clinical impact on the treatment of the client; that is, the medical condition most important to the overall understanding or treatment of the client.
  • A full description of diagnosis codes to be used can be found on page 5-34 of the ROCS User Manual.
  • New Clients with registration dates AFTER 9/30/2015; only ICD-10 diagnosis codes are required. ICD-9 diagnosis codes are no longer allowed for these clients.
  • Existing Clients with registration dated BEFORE 10/1/2015 can still have ICD-9 codes. Any updates to these existing client's DD Information will require that their diagnosis information be updated to current requirements.
  • All codes are left justified, have no decimals and are between 3 to 8 characters in length.
  • Diagnosis Code Type indicators are required for each diagnosis code entered.
    • Diagnosis Code Type for ICD-9 is 9
    • Diagnosis Code Type for ICD-10 is A
  • When entering ICD-10 diagnosis codes, a minimum of one approved ICD-10 code is required.
  • A copy of the ICD-10 Replacement Codes can be found at the following link: ICD-10 Replacement Codes
  • Duplicate diagnoses may not be entered
  • Codes for Deferred Diagnosis (V7109) and No Diagnosis (7999) is no longer allowed.
  • It is recommended that Diagnosis codes be entered in sequential order.