BCCD Reports-Only CCMS Training Roadmap

This training curriculum is designed for CCMS users who only have access to create and manage CCMS reports.

Checkpoint #1 - CCMS Web-Based Training

CCMS web-based training will introduce you to CCMS functionality and concepts. It will give you a basic understanding of how to navigate and find information in CCMS.  Web-based trainings allow participants to access self-paced learning that can be completed at their work computers.  Courses are designed with narrated slides, learning activities, and evaluations to assess learning.  By accessing web-based training, participants can learn new information in between scheduled instructor-led training or allow existing users to refresh their knowledge.

Checkpoint #2 - CCMS Classroom Training

You will receive all of your CCMS training through the web-based trainings and webinar courses.

Classroom training is not required for staff that hve Reports-Only access.

Checkpoint #3 - CCMS Training Webinars

Post-classroom training webinars will help reinforce the skills you learned in the web-based training. You will view system demonstrations and ask questions to a live instructor. Webinar training allows attendees to participate in training virtually from their office or another location.  Training is conducted by having attendees log onto the "webinar link" and dial into an accompanying conference line.  Webinar training is typically used for sessions which are 1.5 hours or less. Webinar options include:

  • How to Run CCMS Reports (required)
  • Finding Information in CCMS (optional)

Checkpoint #4 - CCMS Help Wizards and Job Aids

You can always refer to the Step-by-Step Help Wizards to help complete tasks in CCMS. Wizards provide step-by-step instructions on how to perform a certain process and may include accompanying screeenshots from the system.  These wizards, along with the CCMS Job Aids are posted to the training website shown below:

CCMS Training Website: http://intranet.dhs/oneweb/page.aspx?item=56869

For help with CCMS Training, Net.Learning, or the CCMS Training Website, please contact the BCCD Training Team at DHS.CCTrain@illinois.gov